A man Changsha hallucinogenic drug two times smashed police dispatched elevator away the original title: male drug hallucinations, but we all know this mad bash lift drugs shall not be stained with will be addictive, and even hallucinations, grumpy. This is not home, Taihe Garden District Changsha Yuhua District Huang because hallucinations after taking drugs, should take the lift their own area of outlet, two men smashed the elevator lift damage was forced to disable as we see from the surveillance video, Tang in half an hour two times to the elevator in the play it seems, he looks very excited, and the elevator there. The reporters found that the elevator has been smashed to the man smashed, elevator maintenance personnel will have to stop using the lift. And the man’s room even door handles and meters are not, reporters outside the room can smell out the stench of layers. The security area, Huang more than 30 years old today, because the parents had not, now is a person living in the area. He was thwarted because the elevator, perennial drug illusion. Once people smashed cars notorious police quickly dispatched away after the incident, yesterday (October 6th) afternoon, Changsha Dongshan police station rushed to the scene, the investigation Hwang away, according to the law to make a deal. (visual focus) video recommendation: a woman claiming to be outsiders was playing home trip

长沙一男子吸毒致幻两次打砸电梯 警方出动带走原标题:吸毒男产生幻觉,竟发狂猛砸电梯我们都知道这毒品沾不得,沾上就会上瘾,甚至产生幻觉、脾气暴躁。这不,家住长沙雨花区太和园小区的黄某就是因为吸食毒品后产生了幻觉,竟然拿自家小区的电梯出气,男子两次打砸电梯 电梯损坏被迫停用 从监控视频中我们看到,唐某在半个小时内两次来到这部电梯内进行打砸,他看上去情绪激动,似乎和这部电梯有仇。记者发现,被砸电梯已经被男子给砸坏了,电梯维修人员已经将电梯停止使用。而该男子的房间竟然连门把手和拍号都没有,记者在门外还能闻到房内窜出的层层恶臭。 小区保安介绍,黄某今天30多岁,由于父母早已不在,现在都是自己一个人居住在小区。他之所以打砸电梯,就是因为常年吸毒而产生的幻觉。 曾砸车扰民劣迹斑斑 警方迅速出动带走 事发后,昨天(10月6日)下午,长沙东山派出所民警迅速赶到现场,把黄某带走调查,将依法做出处理。(经视焦点)视频推荐: 一女子报警自称家中被外人打 竟是吸毒幻觉相关的主题文章:

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