" chef Siu Chung Mok " Beijing Stone: from the kitchen from the media Master coolie variable – the media – people.com.cn original title: don’t play the media since the photographer is not a good cook the father’s children in the countryside, only know from around the turn of the kitchen stove washes coolie, a step by step from the media into Master has read nearly a million the. Today, he is a fan respected chef Siu Chung Mok". In order to kneel in front of her mother’s promise 6:30, a busy day Shi Beiping back to the dormitory, collapsed on the bed, turn on the tv. CCTV financial channel is broadcasting program "delicacy home for dinner", "fish bought Bingcha son must have, or will affect the taste of natural thawing……" The one on the TV screen, which is carefully explained to the audience, is no longer a familiar person. Beijing Stone habitual place open, "their headlines Peking flavor", found that broadcast at the same time, the amount of reading has added several thousand. He recently in TV media and from the media of the interactive effect of monitoring, this result as he had expected, "it seems that I have to redouble our efforts!" "The reason Basa is the" tea "his food, because the fish soft and delicate, especially like our parents aged……" At the moment, the TV again came to the familiar voice, Shi Bei listening to his voice, and suddenly the heart of the five mixed Chen, can not tell the taste of the eye can not help but also red. This sentence is not only to the audience to listen to, in fact, also said to listen to their own. Because he knew that at this time, thousands of miles away, the old mother will be waiting in front of the TV to look at his son. Left alone for 20 years, from the unknown to the public today cause a small achievement, Beijing stone can not slack off, not only to their own vindication, more is to live up to the original kneeling in front of her mother farewell commitment…… In 1979, Beijing stone was born in a remote village in Henan of Puyang, is the youngest of the family. Unexpectedly, the whole family hope for a long time the boys were born only 12 days, his father died suddenly. Originally the family poverty, now lost pillar, days of hard as can be imagined. Beijing stone still remember, when almost can not see the mother’s smile. Mother always dawn, always busy at night, and then hid herself secretly crying in bed, less than 40 years old, but looks scary old. Beijing was no father stone has always been the village children laughed at, crowding out. Finally, in 1994, 15 year old stone Beiping made a decision for himself. Just after the Spring Festival, stone Beijing despite his family persuasion, he knelt in front of the mother cried swear: "Mom, I must go to your personal like our family, to fight for breath! See who would dare to say that there is no father of the child is not promising!" Even the stone Beijing himself did not think this walk, his life was completely changed. After the small boiled chef at first, and no stone Peiping to Beijing, but with the natives to a small hotel in Anyang city jobs. Use him相关的主题文章:

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