Children, life is in no hurry to get one hundred points – the Sohu | Liu Jirong Zolan | maternal figure son speak relatively late, children younger than he, as early as the warbler concert, his mouth like petals, the function is also limited to eat. The doctor said that the child is normal, do not worry. I see a face relaxed, friends tirelessly counsel: "you want to push him out loud, don’t talk not to eat!" I exclaimed: "it is not a circus tame parrot?" the friend said sternly: "my nephew is so big, would have been back poetry, math operation, your son developed what potential?" I laughed: "I’m not a developer, what’s the hurry!" she earnestly looked at me: "the early bird catches the worm!" I replied calmly: "late bird will have worms." Two years old birthday, son quickly climbed up on the chair, awuawu to cake. Accidentally, fell to the bottom of the table, but he said very clearly that I call, said: "the cake didn’t eat it, chin knock pain!" it is strange, from this day, he started the expression of language. I rather regret to think that pronunciation is not clear that the immature, fragrant waxy waxy red, how to omit? "Mom, I’m poor?" the son went to school every day, then send, have fun. Go to school before, he solemnly declared: "I will go to save the planet Alfa, my mother take care!" after school out of school, I stooped to hug him: "I welcome you on behalf of my mother, back to earth!" of course, the lines to see recent updates, what hit cartoon is. And a common test, let us turn a happy turn. That day after school, in the stream of people, the parents asked the results of voice after another. A mother in anger: "people can test out, why can’t you think of others? With the brain, aren’t you with stomach thinking?" at a loss about what to do with my son. The timid girl, suddenly found the son, see immediately like lollipop like laughing eyes light up: "he is my classmate, I 99, he was 70 points!" the mother more angry: "why don’t you come with good than to the poor, too?" she angrily swiftly. The little girl ran forward after. The son of Lala my clothes: "Mom, I was poor?" he looked at the water like eyes, I calmly shook his head: "of course you’re not, you love learning, but slower than the other kids to learn." The son was relieved, but suddenly bowed his head, very sad look: "Mom, if I always work hard, but always in the back of others, you will not think I’m stupid?" I immediately hand gently stroked his son’s head, smiled and said: "if the child’s mother than he my mother is stupid, you will not love her?" "of course not, you are my mother, the one and only son!" cried immediately. We could not help but smile into each other’s eyes together to go to home. At night, we watched the papers. The son is pointing to the error: "this is a question I am not wrong, this question, this question……" He felt embarrassed, "I meant to do." I see the problem.相关的主题文章:

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