China fire kills 3 Korean waters fishing fishery disputes when the Sohu news in December 2010, South Korea will be fishing or fishing detained unlicensed foreign fishing vessels guarantee fund raised to the highest in violation of the provisions of 100 million won (about 560 thousand yuan), which for many Chinese fishermen to say is undoubtedly an astronomical figure. According to South Korean media on October 2013 statistics, only Mokpo police successfully intercepted 77 ship "illegal operation" China boats, total fines of up to more than 4 billion 100 million won. Some experts believe that a great relationship law enforcement disputes of China Korea fishery industry gradually evolved into a physical confrontation with South Korea. South Korean fishing boats were prone to China fines and confiscation of fishing vessels, arrests, and even the use of ships and helicopters have fired tear gas and rubber bullets, which will cause the China fishermen revolt. South Korea’s more brutal law enforcement, the more resistance to Chinese fishermen, a vicious cycle. China and South Korea is the sea area is also an important reason for causing frequent conflicts? In fact, according to Foreign Affairs (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) as well as the "China Korea fishery agreement" signed in June 2001, will be divided into the waters of the Yellow Sea Interim Measures waters, on both sides of the transitional waters". In the "Provisional Measures of waters, marine biological resources and utilization of both curing, curing measures and management measures in common; in the" transitional waters ", the two sides take measures to gradually reduce on the other side of the fishing activities.相关的主题文章:

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