China Telecom play pig teammate iPhone 7 many heavy exposure of new features on August 28th news, with the iPhone 7 release date is approaching, not only is the fruit powder mood.according, in which operators are ready to. This does not, China Telecom has begun to accept the appointment of iPhone 7. IPhone7 has gone through a number of exposure of micro-blog @POPPUR users broke the news, China Telecom has released the iPhone 7 booking page, enter the name and phone number and fill in the verification code, you can make an appointment. China Telecom reservation page screenshot from the exposure display, iPhone 7 will be "waterproof upgrade", "cancel the headset interface, wireless charging, battery life longer and more" and "Bluetooth headset collocation" and "deep blue" and "32GB ROM", "rear dual 1200W pixel camera" the characteristics of. These features are roughly the same as the previous exposure. On the appearance of iPhone 7, the appointment page did not mention. According to previous news, iPhone 7 in appearance and no difference between the former iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Although it is a rumor, but now seems to have been That’s final.. For the China Telecom’s reservation interface, @POPPUR said: "comrades as pig again, remember iPhone6, domestic operators also play this out in advance (breach of confidentiality agreement, the NDA) they abruptly cancelled at the last moment apple is the first Chinese district. But now apple is not the year apple, this also dare to have such confidence?"相关的主题文章:

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