China’s first female passenger association was founded in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, October (Xinhua Ouyang Yongyan) Shenzhen women’s innovation and entrepreneurship conference and the creation of the association of women in Shenzhen, founded in 9, held on the eve of the meeting on the eve of the founding of the association of women and passengers in the city of. It is reported that the Shenzhen female association is the first female passenger association. Shenzhen city female hit off the association in the election of the first members of the Council members of the general assembly in September 12, 2016 for the first time, and held the inaugural meeting on October 9th in Shenzhen City, a female passenger association was established in Shenzhen marked the women will play more important role in the mass boom era entrepreneurship, highly innovative, and make new contributions to the modernization of Shenzhen the internationalization of the innovative city. Women’s innovation is an important force for the prosperity and development of social economy. Today, there are women in politics, business, academia and different professional fields, female clients, female inventors, female executives in different industries. Women from different perspectives to observe and study carefully, relying on their own focus and tenacity, and constantly open up a new career and life. The continuous accumulation of women’s power will make the social economic resources more abundant, more harmonious social development, so as to achieve a virtuous cycle of economic and social resources and integration. Shenzhen female passenger association to "innovation, cross-border and sharing, the flowering of the cultural concept, the platform brings together many women entrepreneurs, to create customer and organization and industry technical experts, finance, venture capital, lawyers and other senior consultant. The association will provide a wealth of social resources for female guests docking, entrepreneurial policy guidance and other services, through a series of theme activities, to create a customer friendship, enhance personal value, promote career development. At the same time, with the help of the social platform and the power of the network media resources, more people are put into the public welfare activities which are helpful to others and the society. Shenzhen city women’s Federation Chairman for a female horse Wang expressed the hope that the future development of customer Association: the new era of women need to learn new knowledge, keep pace with the rapid development of the social change rapidly. I hope more female guests by joining this valuable social platform, can quickly integrate into, familiar with each other, establish friendship, strengthen cooperation and make more wisdom and courage of both partners, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, add value and luster for life. At the same time look forward to the community to give these unremitting efforts, taking into account the cause and family, due diligence, the courage to pay the women, to give more understanding and support. (end)相关的主题文章:

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