People travel five new changes: private custom tour into a dark horse – Travel Channel tourists in Hangzhou, West Lake scenic play. People, Beijing, October, 10 (Feng Yatao), "eleven" holiday, people travel enthusiasm is still high. National Tourism Administration statistics show that during the national day, the country received a total of 593 million tourists, an increase of 12.8%, total tourism revenue of $482 billion 200 million, an increase of 14.4%. With the arrival of the national tour, the era of self driving travel, as well as the development of mobile Internet technology, Chinese people travel has changed from the traditional tour to the depth of experience tour, and presents a personalized. Private custom tour into the dark horse market with 90 percent of the population with the diverse needs of tourists, personalized private custom tour came into being, the market became a dark horse". A number of domestic travel agencies have opened the relevant business, tourism planners, dream makers will be customized according to the special needs of tourists customized services. UTS, Ctrip, the way cattle and other data show that during the national day of private custom tour products orders grew more than 300%. UTS custom department director Tang Lingying, private custom tour groups of customers has been diversified, business people, including the elderly, family groups, people gradually customized tour price. "Some children busy, no holiday, specifically for parents to do private custom; and part of the second child of the family with the nanny, children, elders and other travel together." Tang Lingying said that now the market also appeared after 90 private custom, they pay more attention to the theme of experience, such as honeymoon, shooting, food, etc.. The main purpose of private custom is Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other traditional countries, but there are a lot of people asked to go to the north and south poles feel extremely cold, go to Kenya to see animal migration, even archaeological tour, we will try to meet the needs of tourists." Tang Lingying introduction. private custom department responsible person said, "one person had customized depth Egypt tour, tourists enjoy one car, one exclusive tour guide service, and take a tour of the Nile, feluccas balloon to enjoy the Imperial Valley sunrise. Outbound travel into WiFi just need the highest per capita traffic 613M currently, exit WiFi has become an outbound travel users just need. Tuniu data show that users can enjoy outbound Internet, decided mostly by women. Chinese outbound traffic using the WiFi in Korea most, per person per day to spend flow 613M, according to the circle of friends to share pictures 0.5M, tourists in Korea travel every day, share photos amount of more than 1200; in Europe and Japan, tourists per capita daily consumption of 459M and 515M traffic. Data show that these flows are mainly used for social, users use WiFi on the journey to share with friends and family travel experience and mood. In order to WiFi products, 35% of users consider the tariff situation, 23% of users first consider the speed of the internet. Although a portable WiFi available for 5-6 mobile phones, but Ctrip statistics, during the national day, an average of only 2 passengers to leave the country to share the use of WiFi. "This is related to the experience of people asking for speed and fluency相关的主题文章:

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