"Guanxi" won the praise of Allen Ting Chinese down to earth Hongkong actor Sina entertainment news reality TV series on human story "relationship" Chinese reality theme is Beijing TV, Oriental TV continued to hit. Director Shen Yan, Liu Haibo teamed up with screenwriter Zhang Lei Chen Jianbin, from "micro-blog", Ma Yili, Allen Ting, Zhao Lixin [micro-blog] [micro-blog] and Hu He strength actor, the true face of human society China type vivid outline of the interests and feelings of mutual rolling. As the story forward to the formation of the "Ma Jun and Ma Yili CP suffered a marriage of" Waterloo ", created by Allen Ting, where the image reversal control. From the beginning of the "pet wife elite" whereabouts to reviled "derailed slag men", and then to wake up on the road chasing two wife "Prodigal Son", under the creation of Allen Ting, has a "roller coaster life" where control is becoming more multi-faceted". Continuous image reversal in the reversal of the role set, first appeared in the realistic works of Allen Ting acclaimed, hailed as "the Hongkong actor down to earth". "Jun Ma CP" from Waterloo Allen Ting chase wife Biao acting in "good relationship" Chinese, Allen Ting and Hu He’s role is somewhat similar, have derailed the other half of the subordinate betrayed marriage. However, the screenwriter for the two set a different life. Hu He and Zhao Lixin left the past, flash marriage moved to a new home immediately; Allen Ting Ma Yili to beg for forgiveness, and take action to launch a series of "coercion" of the "chase wife plan". In the play, once exposed derailed deeds of Allen Ting, a former anti hair neat, behavior have the international elite model image, anxious to beg forgiveness, genuine and sincere more intimate cooking flowers too late to regret, recalling the past, to play He Junxian "slag male image instantly reversed. In the play "flowers" in the play, Allen Ting had combed hair become scattered and decadent, originally dashing pace also appear messy rush, look at his eyes red, white lips. In the face of the sudden lover asked, his eyes free, rolling down, Adam’s apple shows the inner tension and weakness. Allen Ting is so extreme attention to detail, let He Junxian "lost his wife" feel the success out of the screen, let people fully appreciate his remorse. In favor of the wife for "luring plan" ended in failure, Allen Ting changed the strategy, choose "a threat". He was a threat to his wife on the grounds of "ownership", trying to stop the divorce process, potential and Ma Yili "a life-and-death struggle". Here is the story of evolution, Allen Ting let He Junxian into paranoid muscle tension, revealing a sinister look, the image transform, show natural transformation make people gasp in admiration. However, "coercion" strategy has failed, the gentle "Mask" and the threat of "razor" both blocked, Allen Ting into a difficult quagmire in the "chase wife road", faces an uncertain future. The role of continuous inversion technology is like performing Allen Ting down to earth in the process of shaping He Junxian’s star ", Allen Ting on the details of the control is impressive. Whether it is the character’s gestures, steps, or eyes, corners of the mouth, he took.相关的主题文章:

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