Wolong real estate   said the cross-border mergers and acquisitions has been questioned; focus on the future value of the game — people.com.cn original title: Wolong real estate cross-border mergers and acquisitions questioned said that the future value for money – reporter Gao Xiaojuan in August 24th, the Wolong real estate in Shanghai held a major reorganization of assets that the media will. Whether the China Securities News reporter on the acquisition of the underlying asset value, Wolong real estate manager Wang Xi name, mainly focusing on the feasibility of 2016 -2018 years or even the future of the main business profits, and achieve the certainty of future profits. To sell assets operating performance better than all existing subsidiaries, ink Lin shares of the actual controller Chen Mo replied: "of course, pick a good sell." In the face of declining performance, Wolong real estate play cross-border mergers and acquisitions. According to the plan, the company intends to issue shares and to pay cash to the purchase price of 4 billion 409 million yuan ink Lin shares 97.714% shares, value-added rate of up to 322.46%. It is worth noting that the ink Lin shares profitability is not strong, the transaction has given a "God" performance commitments. The ink Lin shares listed on the new board only 8 months, the valuation increase rapidly, the actual controller Chen Mo Book wealth is expected to surge in the night. The subject of the company profit by selling shares according to the Wolong real estate restructuring plan, net profit in 2015, ink Lin shares in 2014, the first quarter of 2016 attributable to owners of the parent company was 55 million 70 thousand yuan, 175 million yuan and 250 million yuan. However, behind many uncertain risks, ink Lin performance shares in the lean state, the original Webpage Game water slide, the new game has not erupted. Compared with 2014, the ink Lin shares in 2015 operating income and non deduction net profits are now shrinking. The ink Lin shares a substantial increase in performance mainly depends on the sale of subsidiary shares get huge amounts of non recurring income. After deducting non recurring gains and losses, ink Lin shares the main industry losses, in 2015, the first quarter of 2016 net profit was -7574 million and -528 million yuan. According to public information, ink Lin shares sale of subsidiary shares began in 2015. In October 2015, the ink Lin shares to 360 million yuan will be held by Shanghai spirit entertainment 60% equity transfer to Tibet million rain Cci Capital Ltd; in December of the same year, ink Lin shares will hold its 18.75% Shanghai Kun ink and 11.25% of the shares were transferred to Yang Dongmai and Chen Wei; February 2016, ink Lin shares will be held by the Shanghai Kun ink 30% transfer of shares to 400 million yuan price to 37 mutual entertainment company wholly-owned sun Tibet Pacific culture media Co. ltd.. At present, a subsidiary of ink Lin shares its level of 9. Among them, Shanghai nosese has stopped operating, goes into liquidation; Hongkong ink Lin never since the establishment of the actual operation. The remaining 7 companies, in addition to Chengdu and Shenzhen Molong ink and the two companies profit, all losses. Profitability of only two subsidiaries profitability is not ideal. Chengdu Molong 2015 net profit of 3 million 530 thousand yuan, 2016 1-3 month net profit of 16 million 300 thousand yuan)相关的主题文章:

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