Cui Jingzhou rejuvenation Lianjin before the five Olympic Games or the internal driving force of Korea War veteran Cui Jingzhou for sina Olympic sports news Beijing standard time on February 24th, Cui Jingzhou appointed vice captain in South Korea’s presidential cup. He is 46 years old this year, the players championship victory brought him the PGA Tour qualifying exemption only last year. When the end of last year, he ranked 302 in the world. But recently, he quietly on the rise. Cui Jingzhou open at Torrey Pines at the Farmers Insurance on the runner up, but last week the Northern Trust open, Vieira in nine after he became the leader of parallel hole, tied for the final fifth. He has been able to rise and perhaps he wants to play the games. "I want to fight for South Korea, but I need to win," he said, "this is why in the past two or three months I have been hard to reason." Cui Jingzhou’s world ranking has risen to 102, in July 6th, he needs to go beyond Jin Gengtai (currently at seventy-second), because South Korea ranked first in an Bingxun is currently ranked twenty-eighth in the world. (wind)

崔京周返老还童连进前五名 奥运或是内在驱动力 韩国老将崔京周渴望战奥运   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月24日,崔京周在韩国总统杯上任副队长。他今年46岁,球员锦标赛胜利给他带来的美巡赛参赛资格豁免只剩下最后一年。他去年结束的时候世界排名302位。可是最近一段时间,他就在静悄悄地崛起。   崔京周在多利松举行的农夫保险公开赛上获得亚军,而上个星期的北美信托公开赛,他在里维埃拉后九洞一度成为并列领先者,最终获得并列第五名。他之所以能崛起或许与他想打奥运会有关。   “我想为韩国而战,可是我需要取胜,”他说,“这是为什么过去两、三个月我一直在苦练的原因。”   崔京周的世界排名已经上升到102位,7月6日的时候,他需要超越金庚泰(目前位于第72位),因为韩国排名第一位的安秉勋目前位于世界排名第28位。   (小风)相关的主题文章:

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