"Dan Anhui family" painting and calligraphy exhibition opening   highlighting the Anhui family heritage of cultural heritage and feelings — Anhui channel — people.com.cn people.com.cn October 10 Hefei Xinhua (Li Jialin) October 10th, Anhui "the painting family" painting and calligraphy exhibition opened in Anhui Hefei City Friends of the Kurume Museum. This exhibition is sponsored by Anhui Province Artists Association, Hefei Artists Association, featured Longshi, Kong Xiaoyu, Yuan Xiao Kun, Ge Jieping, Xu Zihe light, Pei Jia family 13 equal to painting family, 35 painters, show their artistic achievements. Honorary chairman, Anhui Province Artists Association Chinese Artists Association director Zhang Song Wang Tao, honorary president of Anhui painting academy, Xu Ruohong, vice chairman of Anhui Artists Association, Anhui Province Artists Association Secretary General Xie Zongjun, Anhui province wenshiguan deputy director Zhang Jie, Hefei TV station Chen Biao, Hefei Federation Chairman Liu Xiaoming, vice chairman of Hefei Artists Association and Secretary General Wang Yanping, a famous painter, Guo Gongda, Pei home with Wang Daoliang, Fang Shaowu, and artists from around the country attending the opening ceremony. According to the Anhui Provincial Artists Association Secretary General Xie Zongjun, the second half of last century, the emergence of a number of old painter of Anhui painting, they teach, art work, not only students everywhere, but also promote their offspring engaged in painting and calligraphy art. Therefore, the emergence of the two generation, the three generation or even the painting and calligraphy of the family of the four generations, these groups have become a painting and calligraphy family in Anhui, a special phenomenon in the field of painting and calligraphy in Anhui. People.com.cn Anhui channel on the scene, the exhibition of calligraphy and the 13 families of painters gathered together to show you a number of artistic style and artistic spirit heritage and orderly open today’s antique calligraphy and painting. Works on display not only shows the elegant style of the older generation of artists, but also reflects the characteristics of the times of a new generation of artists with the times, the theme of the novel, fully show the Anhui painter exploring spirit and good artistic accomplishment. Vice chairman of Hefei Artists Association and Secretary General Wang Yanping of the tour works highly, said the older generation of artists with a very high level, but also encouraged the old generation artist’s successor, to the painstaking creation, better inherit and develop our art and spirit. Share to: (commissioning editor: Jin Leixin, Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章:

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