Do you have "autumn syndrome" survey, approximately 38% of patients with depression, in the autumn and winter depression, the highest rate is also the year in the autumn Dutch act. At least 15% of the ordinary people, will also fall in depressive experience, it is often said that the "autumn Chinese". With the development of brain science, researchers have discovered that the deep part of the human brain has an endocrine gland called the pineal gland, which is very sensitive to sunlight and light and shade. The strong sunlight in summer can inhibit the function of pineal gland and reduce the secretion of pineal hormone. After the beginning of autumn, the days get shorter, especially in the rainy season, the weather began to dim, the pineal gland secretion of pineal hormone. The pineal hormone is melatonin, which regulates the secretion of other hormones, mainly inhibiting the secretion of thyroxine and adrenaline. As everyone knows, thyroxine can increase metabolism, promote the development of the body, when lack of thyroxine, people will lose appetite, unresponsive. Epinephrine promotes heart beat, hypertension, and hyperglycemia. If the concentration of the two hormones in the blood decreased, the functional activity of brain cells will be reduced, spirit began to become depressed, people are more sensitive in the blues, will be full of sadness. Many symptoms of this autumn mood caused by medical researchers, is also called "autumn syndrome", it is infected perennial work indoors, weak or rarely participate in physical exercise of mental workers, female patients more, mainly concentrated in the age between 20 to 50 years old, in short, weak and not active people are more likely to fall. Reduce the "autumn syndrome" way is to increase the excitability of the body, the easiest way is at least 20 minutes a day in the sun chest. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the sun and chest are the way to stimulate the chest Yang, Yang Qi is the best way to rid the hearts of haze. Click to join the Cantonese health official group (187945286) more wonderful, more welfare, bad you oh ~!

你有“悲秋综合征”吗调查显示,约高达38%的抑郁症患者,会在秋冬季抑郁发作,秋季的自杀率也是全年中最高的。而至少15%的普通人群,也会在秋天有抑郁情绪的体验,这就是中国常说的“悲秋”。随着脑科学的发达,研究者发现,人脑的深部有个叫“松果体”的内分泌腺,这个腺体对阳光和明暗非常敏感。夏天强烈的阳光可以抑制松果体的功能,使松果体激素分泌减少。立秋以后,白天渐短,尤其在阴雨时节,天色暗淡,松果体开始分泌大量的松果体激素。松果体激素就是褪黑激素,它能调节其他激素的分泌,主要是能抑制甲状腺素和肾上腺素的分泌。众所周知,甲状腺素能增强新陈代谢、促进机体发育,缺乏甲状腺素的时候,人会食欲不振、反应迟钝。肾上腺素能促进心跳、升高血压、升高血糖。若这两种激素在血中的浓度降低,大脑细胞的功能活动就要降低,精神也开始消沉,人就变得无精打采,善感之人更会愁肠满腹。这种悲秋的情绪引起的诸多症状,也被医学研究者称为“悲秋综合征”,它的罹患者多是常年在室内工作、体质较弱或极少参加体育锻炼的脑力劳动者,女性患者较多,年龄主要集中在20岁至50岁之间,简而言之,体弱而不好动的人,更容易悲秋。减轻“悲秋综合征”的办法就是提高身体的兴奋性,最简单的办法是每天至少20分钟晒着太阳扩胸。从中医角度上说,晒太阳和扩胸都是振奋胸阳的方法,阳气的振奋是驱走心中阴霾的最好办法。点击加入大粤健康官方群 (187945286)更多精彩,更多福利,就差你了哦~相关的主题文章:

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