Do you want to see Jing Wong or Guo Jingming?   Yang Yang PK Eddie Peng – Hubei Channel – People’s original title: do you want to see the film of the film, or is it a film of, or by the people of the Republic of China? () Yang Yang VS Eddie Peng who wins in the battle of Zhang Hanyu? Wu Yifan and other actors in the "grand track" is not in reality a mirror image. This year, the shadow of the city so far red far less than last year, this is an indisputable fact. This year’s National Day file, it seems that there are few signs of fire last year national day file. The same is the 4 film in command, took a bunch of easily ignored the small film, last year’s National Day is "Hong Kong?", "Nine", "save my demon tower" and the "Mr. Sherlock" A new force suddenly rises. troubles. These 4 movies last year, the total box office reached $3 billion 900 million, while the National Day holiday in 7 days to receive a total of $1 billion 850 million at the box office. This year the National Archives of the top 4 seeded players, including the "grand track", "funny", "ACE ACE passing from your world" (hereinafter referred to as "passing") and "the Mekong River action". Of course, during the national day of the release of the film more than the 4, as well as the new "Pinocchio", "warrior armor king", "I am catching us", "Robinson Crusoe" and other cartoons, these films, mainly to holidays with the kids out to the parents a paternity viewing activities set also, have a certain market, but the National Archives "box office pillar" or the 4 film. In the eyes of the fans, from the "configuration", 4 films have different degrees of "slots", but it is undeniable that the 4 part of the selling point of the film are very clear, you want to see Guo Jingming Jing Wong movie or film? Yang Yang and Deng Chao starred in the movie is licking the screen, or Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng starred in the movie more appealing? If you are thinking about the answer, this national day file is also related to you. If you do not want to answer these two questions, the National Archives and you missed…… The first round: "funny" ACE ACE bucket "grand track" when the "Macao vice" director in "the times" of the "trump card" with director ace released in October 1st, "grand track" was released in September 30th. Two completely different types of movies, to a certain extent, have the same place. For example, the "trump card" with ACE director Jing Wong, "grand track" is directed by Guo Jingming. Hong Kong Golden Age, Jing Wong contributed a lot to the classic movie film, has been adhering to not only for Critics Awards for the audience movie Jing Wong, most notably in the movie "Macao vice" trilogy. The three films at the box office were $520 million, $970 million and $1 billion 120 million, the business is very successful, but the reputation is not good, the three film watercress score was 5.7 points, respectively, and 4 points. Before the qualifications is far better than Jing Wong Guo Jingming filmed "time" in episode four, the box office is 480 million yuan respectively, 300 million yuan, 520 million yuan and 490 million yuan, also hit, but watercress score were 4.7 points, 5 points, 4.3 points and 4.6 points. So, these two directors also have similarities. Jing Wong this time to shoot the "trump card to play the trump card," said?相关的主题文章:

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