Don’t miss a car made accord hybrid / domestic Sohu in automobile outlander cost-effective – National Day a week before, there are many new car prices listed together, seems to have begun to meet a mad dash before the Spring Festival this season. DearAuto chose 4 deer from the product strength is good to talk about new car. Domestic – Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander foreworld force – the cheapest 4WD 7 seat SUV – joint venture size, configuration space is big enough – comprehensive, cost-effective, good competitiveness. Comment: this car is really a simple homemade outlander, not what fancy gimmicks, very fit consumer demand. It features very prominent: the cheapest joint four-wheel drive seven SUV, 200 thousand to buy 7 luxury four-wheel drive version! The Highlander two drive version seven to 248 thousand and 800, seven is to four-wheel drive 258 thousand and 800. Size is also one of the highlights of the Outlander, made after the car length reached 4705mm, far more than the competitors, the new 5 models of the storage space is larger than the opponent. The Outlander driving ability a little vague, S-AWC super all wheel drive four-wheel drive system with economy, and automatic lock mode, adapt to road conditions than the opponent to a wider range of advantages, this is the MITSUBISHI family consistent. In general, the car styling avant-garde, easily won the favor of young users, security and technology configuration is also very popular, low price to further enhance its competitiveness, selling point the day and await for it. Tips: the deer is not recommended introductory version of the 2.0L models, because it is too little, even without ESP. In terms of configuration and price, 2.4L 4WD 5 elite best buy. The new Peugeot 308 — complete evolution law of car back – soil volume of new platforms, new design, new technology – New 1.2T, powerful power – line comes standard with STT intelligent start stop system and ESP 9.1 – 5.1L hundred kilometers of new comments: Dongfeng Peugeot 308 can be said to be full of hard work, because it is for the first time in a year and a half of the brand launch of new products, but also the law the rise of a new round start. The new generation 308 is based on the most advanced EMP2 Peugeot platform to build, the platform is mainly used in the production of high-end models, such as Peugeot 508 and the upcoming Peugeot 4008, are using the platform. The new design and armed to the teeth of the configuration has been fully enhance the strength of 308. It is worth mentioning that the new 308 new 1.2T engine. Recently, new Sagitar, Carola have launched 1.2T models, by contrast, the Peugeot 1.2T more powerful engine power output, fuel is also good, very competitive, also make up the old 308 power weakness, worthy of recommendation. Accord hybrid — you can Rui – have strong power – the lowest fuel consumption per hundred kilometers only 4.2L – vehicle configuration higher – vehicle 3 years or 100 thousand kilometers, the battery.相关的主题文章:

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