"Dragon Quest" X 10.26 test does not delete files 18 pre-sale activation code 7.7 CGWR score novice card booking | quest Sina X game news October 14th news, Shanda announced today, the agent of the Japanese national level RPG online "Dragon Quest X" ("DQX") will not delete files open test in October 26th (forerunner test), and open the forerunner test qualification in October 18th pre-sale. "Dragon Quest X" is SQUARE ENIX’s "Dragon Quest" series tenth sequel, the national dress open also marks this series of works was born 30 years, the first official visit Chinese. October 26th pioneer test (do not delete files) Notice · this test time is -11 on October 26th 4 · this test is not to delete files test, all data are retained to the official operation. · this test requires activation code to enter the game. Activation code to buy address > > >   · this test for free testing, the deduction of the game time for testing free time, all value-added services and props (Fashion) mall temporarily open. Dragon Quest X10 26 does not delete files test qualified 1, in the first test of awakening test logged game account will continue the test qualifications, can participate in the pioneer test. But time and special props gift purchase the activation code game player can not get formal operation of the station is not in the pre-sale. 2, in the official sale of the station to buy a pioneer test qualification account. First test activation code for pre-sale limit: 2500 · · time: October 18th 14:00 · 1) price: 66 yuan: Pioneer test qualification *1+ formal operation 30 days of game time: 2) 198 yuan pioneer test qualification *1+ formal operation 90 days of play time + enhanced version of premiere props precreate role open October 21st in order to ensure the stability of the open test forerunner, official will be held on October 21st (Friday) on the role of pre created activities. Specific details are as follows: · time: October 21, 2016 · 14:00-22:00 · opening hours: open game content: 1, create Adventure Book 2, Eden village 3, creating the role of the reincarnation activities to create a character can use to the first test. Magic baby father of the new RPG online games masterpiece in China, "Baby Magic" known to every family, "Dragon Quest X" is known as the "Baby Magic" father of Mr. Saito Yousuke as producer and produced the latest online games work. "Dragon Quest" X as "Dragon Quest" series tenth sequel, the general director Horii O.相关的主题文章:

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