[] car take my wife to Czech central and distant dream: Prague – Sohu is derived from the understanding of the Prague tourism, with Milan in Kundla’s novels, because "unbearable lightness of life", I understand that this city incomparable charm, those romantic feelings let me not forget for a long time; again many Prague in the Xu Jinglei film "there is only one place we know", the famous Prague castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Charlie bridge, old town square, Rudolf hall have appeared on camera, these familiar scenes, deeply attracted me. [P1] station on the Prague side of the castle on the top of the hill, overlooking the panorama of almost the entire Prague city and the 18 bridge across the Vltava River bridge. Rose UAV, a bird’s-eye view of the colorful eye-catching architectural style, a diverse city from a higher perspective, you will fall in love with it in the imperceptibly. [P2] Prague is the capital of Czech Republic, is Czech’s largest city, is located in Bohemia we often say in the center of Bohemia, this position is the centre of the continent, so it also called Prague "at the heart of europe". [P3] it is the first city in the world to be designated as the world’s cultural heritage, and the only place in the world where the whole city belongs to the world’s cultural heritage. Many people say that it is the most beautiful city in Europe, attracting tourists from all over the world and even celebrities coming, including composer Mozart, Smetana, Dvorak, Kafka, writer Franz · Javier ·, Milan; Kundla et al. [P4] is a mysterious legend in Czech: fourteenth Century books some Slavic tribes to find a new residence in order to escape the war. A man named Cech (Cech) the old man with his tribe to Czech now thrive, after his death it was found the land was named as Cechy, which is Czech. His youngest daughter Libuse (elected because can predict the future, everyone thinks she is a saint) became the new leader of the tribe. She built a castle named Libusina in the Vltava river. One day she said he saw the future there will be a city in the Vltava. Inside the city because people walked up and down so that the whole People are hurrying to and fro., city of sand, so every household has a high threshold (the threshold is prah in the Czech language) Libuse tell you this is God will give her, so she ordered the opposite at the other end of the Vltava River Libusina castle built a named Praha (Czech in Prague castle). This is the origin of Prague. [P5] Prague not only has the ancient European style, but also has its modern side. The new building "Vltava River Dance Skirt", won the world architecture award. The elegant lines of metal and cement around the outline of the historical sense of color collocation, no significant work, making the city more revealed vitality. Modern Prague is not just a Bohemia style:相关的主题文章:

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