Du Feng: good team preparing for Bynum is still unknown whether   Beijing on February 24th news, in 14 out of the Shandong men’s basketball final gain victory with unstained swords, the Guangdong men’s basketball team will usher in the 26 regular season ranked first in the Liaoning team challenge. In the face of such a powerful opponent, Du Feng said the team needs to let the players have plenty of physical fitness, in addition, also said that the team temporarily can not determine whether it will exchange for Bynum. Starting from No. 20, the Guangdong team is in the state of preparing for the semi-final, after 4 days of preparation, Du Feng is satisfied with the team’s state. "Overall for good, mainly because of playing the game of great strength. Let the players have a good adjustment, then let players have a good physical fitness, add strength, physical training, and tactics, put on a series of conditions to solve it, also to emphasize defense deployment a." Du Feng said. 14 finals in the Guangdong team also will be exposed, Bynum has recovered, and in the evening of 21, Bynum has been back even against training, which makes many people doubt whether the Guangdong team for Bynum, in this regard, Du Feng said: "after a month he did not play the game, but also a challenge for us all of a sudden hit of the high strength match." But Du Feng did not deny whether Bynum would return. "Or to see his own body, because playing Liaoning, foreign aid playing time will certainly be a lot, whether his physical condition is allowed, we need to coach group and the medical staff meeting to decide." Du Feng said. 杜锋:球队备战情况不错 是否换回拜纳姆仍未知     北京时间2月24日消息,在1 4决赛兵不血刃的淘汰了山东男篮后,广东男篮即将在26日迎来常规赛排名第一的辽宁队的挑战。面对如此强大的对手,杜锋表示球队急需让球员有充沛的体能,此外,还表示球队暂时不能确定是否会换回拜纳姆。   从20号开始,广东队便处于备战半决赛的状态了,经过4天的准备,杜锋对球队的状态比较满意。“总体来说备战不错,主要是因为上场比赛的强度很大,首先让队员有一个好的调整,其次让队员有一个好的体能,补充一下力量、体能的训练,还有技战术,把上个系列赛出现的状况提出解决一下,防守部署也去强调一下。”杜锋说道。   在广东队还在打1 4决赛时,便曝出拜纳姆已经伤愈,而在21日晚,拜纳姆甚至已经归队进行对抗训练,这让很多人都怀疑广东队是否会换回拜纳姆,对此,杜锋说道:“毕竟他一个月没打比赛,一下子打这种高强度的比赛对我们来说也是一个挑战。”   但是杜锋对于拜纳姆是否会回归也并未做全盘否定。“还是要看他自己的身体,因为打辽宁的话外援的上场时间肯定会很多,他的身体情况是否允许都需要我们教练组和队医综合开会去决定。”杜锋说道。相关的主题文章:

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