During the year, the second batch of new shares issued today started two new shares favored by institutions – Sohu finance second batch of new shares issued today floodgates, new Yi Sheng today fired the first gun. The new round of small volume, in the new low price earnings ratio and the overall market rebound in the background, institutions generally expect the current round of new shares, online and offline success rate will still be low, the net placing ratio is even expected to re innovation low. Research institutions generally recommended to purchase this batch of new shares, the new Yi Sheng and Stellite most favored institutions. Related stock movements of the new Yi Sheng Stellite respected during the second installment of the IPO purchase schedule released in succession. As of yesterday, 6 new shares have been issued time, starting today subscription of new shares a day. The 6 companies have no more than 23 times earnings earnings. From the issuing way, the new Yi Sheng direct online pricing issue, the price of 21.47 yuan. The remaining 5 companies were issued by inquiry. The market value of the new shares required by investors to buy new shares in Shanghai stock market is 280 thousand yuan, and the market value required by the top stock purchase of new shares in Shenzhen is 190 thousand yuan. In terms of the size of the funds raised, the agency expects the second batch of new shares will rise slightly. According to the 6 published prospectus and the Prospectus has not been part of the issuer of the fund-raising amount, the number of 9 shares of the total financing size of about 4 billion 700 million yuan, a growth of about 18%. In terms of institutions, the current round of new shares are also bright spots. Sheng Yi is the leading light template manufacturer in china. As the company’s earnings ratio is low, less than 19 times, and the average earnings ratio of comparable companies is more than 50 times, institutions generally expect larger gains after the listing. In fact, the first batch of new shares of the most favored by the institutions of Suzhou design, since listing since the rise of more than 1.8 times, and the turnover is very low, so far has not opened the limit plate meaning, the market continues to be a word board can be expected. Stellite fundamentals are also worth noting. The company is engaged in the production of X – ray contrast agent raw materials, and belongs to the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The company ranked the first in the production and output of its raw material, and the main customers occupied about 98% of the domestic market. The number of successful shares is expected to drop, new shares under the new deal, new enthusiasm is high, the new shares issued online and online prediction success rate will still be low operation. From the online success rate, the last batch of new shares issued online success rate between 0.02% to 0.13%, the success rate of new shares in Shanghai stock market is slightly higher than Shenzhen stock exchange. Shen Yuan Hong analysts said that the low success rate of the Internet also makes it absolutely unnecessary for investors to buy stocks in order to buy new stocks. However, due to the cancellation of pre payment, the stock customers will still actively participate, and it is expected that the online success rate will not be significantly improved in the short term. Under the network, due to the effective list of candidates under the new regulations can be 100 percent with shares, so under the network to fight new enthusiasm. Shen Yuan Hong securities is expected, the current round of 8 inquiry issued new shares under the net placement ratio of about 0.01% – 0.03%, excluding the final net placing ratio will likely decline. It is worth mentioning that the first batch of new shares under the new regulations there is the phenomenon of abandoning shares. The 1 million 960 thousand and 300 shares of the first batch of 7 companies were accumulated, of which 907 thousand and 600 were unclaimed in the southern media. These shares.

年内第二批新股发行今日启动 两新股备受机构青睐-搜狐财经   第二批新股发行今开闸,新易盛今日打响首枪。本轮新股体量不大,在新股低市盈率发行及市场整体回暖的背景下,机构普遍预计本轮新股的网上、网下中签率仍将低位运行,网下配售比例甚至有望再创新低。研究机构普遍建议积极申购本批新股,其中新易盛和司太立最受机构青睐。 相关公司股票走势   新易盛司太立受推崇   年内第二批IPO申购时间表陆续出炉。截至昨日,6只新股已确定发行时间,今日起新股申购一天一只。6家公司的发行市盈率均未超过23倍。从发行方式看,新易盛采用直接网上定价发行,价格21.47元。其余5家公司均采用询价方式发行。投资者顶格申购沪市新股所需市值为28万元,深市顶格申购新股所需市值是19万元。   募集资金规模方面,机构预计第二批新股的募资规模将略有上升。根据6家已公布招股书及部分尚未招股的发行人拟募资额计,本批9家新股的合计融资规模约超47亿元,环比约增18%。   在机构看来,本轮新股也不乏亮点。新易盛是国内领先的光模板制造商。由于公司发行市盈率低,不足19倍,而可比公司的平均市盈率超过50倍,机构普遍预计上市后涨幅较大。事实上,首批新股中最受机构青睐的公司苏州设计,自上市以来涨幅超过1.8倍,且成交量极低,至今尚无打开涨停板之意,后市继续一字板可期。   司太立基本面亦可圈可点。公司从事X射线造影剂原料药生产,属于医药制造业。其碘海醇原料药产能及产量公司位居全国第一,且主要客户占据国内市场98%左右份额。   中签弃股数量有望走低   新股新政下市场打新热情高涨,本批发行的新股网上、网上预测的中签率仍将低位运行。   从网上中签率看,上一批发行新股的网上中签率在0.02%至0.13%之间,沪市新股的中签率略高于深市。申万宏源分析人士表示,网上中签率低也使得投资者完全没有必要为了打新而购买股票。但由于取消预缴款,存量客户仍将积极参与,预计网上中签率短期内不会大幅提升。   网下方面,由于新规下有效的入围对象可百分百获配股份,因而网下打新热情高涨。申万宏源证券预计,本轮8只询价发行新股的网下配售比例平均约在0.01%―0.03%,不排除最终网下配售比例将可能走低。   值得一提的是,新规下的首批新股存在弃股现象。首批发行的7家公司的弃股累计196.03万股,其中,南方传媒有90.76万股无人认领。这些股份均为承销商包销。   上海证券某营业部负责人表示,总体来看,弃购的主要原因在于部分投资者对于新规下的新股申购流程不够熟悉。其次,部分券商系统服务亟待完善。未来,随着券商系统优化升级及投资者对新规逐渐熟悉了解,弃股现象有望大幅减少。相关的主题文章:

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