Fan Bingbing and Li Chen love to complain less tall and handsome brother pride – Beijing, Beijing, September 28, according to Taiwan "Chinese times news, another victory in the international film Fan Bingbing day before! "I am not a movie starring Pan Jinlian" won the San Sebastian International Film Festival Best Actress Award for the Spanish silver shell, the film also won the best film award gold shell, can be said to be very beautiful. But she later in micro-blog sweet shouted "thank you my Mr. Li", make 2 people curious about the outside world will come good, but Fan Bingbing was suddenly on the show "love too little time to complain". Fan Bingbing recently in an interview chat show, is different from the past in the face of many topics this is she evade the crucial point, answer, including new entrants, ideas, feelings, and family. Fan Bingbing first talked about "Huanzhugege" period, she said although she was only 16 years old, is the minimum crew of girls, Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin and Alec Su are brother and sister, but she did not think of themselves than others, laughed and said she could eat them to eat bitter. And she also particularly cherish because this is the show, her youth memories, Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin as her sisters as particularly close quarters. In addition, in talking to Li Chen, Fan Bingbing a face of happiness, now own more soft and gentle, for now life is very satisfactory, it is "too little", Li Chen sigh with their busy, not enough time to fall in love. Then the conversation turned to the family, Fan Bingbing quite proud brother not only looks more and more handsome, tall is also more and more high, only at the age of 15 has grown to 190 cm, powerful gene enviable.相关的主题文章:

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