Father and son carrying around 170 days: Thanksgiving list China visit 40 thousand km 200 city – Beijing, Pang zhuanxing and review fun photographer Tao Ke in October 24th during the journey, the sign in Qingyang Gong Guo Xiang’s "Chengdu origin", the 43 year old Pang Chuanxing and 5 year old half son Pang, successfully counter clockwise around China. In May 8th of this year, they are starting from here. And the two counterparts, in addition to the "strong brother volunteered as a photographer, and Pang Chuanxing spent more than a year published" thanksgiving "list, there are thousands who give his help classmates, friends and teachers, Pang Chuanxing want to find their thanks, also taught with son gratitude and love. "Thanksgiving trip" of the city for more than 120 to more than and 200. In May 8th this year, a jubilant Pang drove out of the door with his father to visit, starting from Chengdu, Tibet, Sichuan Tibet line, climbed over the Yunnan Tibet line, the land south of the East, the remotest corners of the globe Heixiazi Island, the most northern Mohe County Arctic village, even the highest the Mount Qomolangma experienced a plateau reaction, debris flow, dust storms…… Go to the road of small pang Yicai ", this road can see light suddenly" is not simply for fun". Pang Chuanxing is from Langzhong, 43 years old this year. Middle aged son, only buried in the money to create excellent material conditions of Pang Chuanxing suddenly realized that the most important education, the lack of a father’s company, Pang has a number of dependent on others, timid habits. Then, Pang zhuanxing began planning with children around the Chinese sketch, and along the way to find his just published "thanksgiving" in the list once helped his benefactor, in an unusual way, let the children know how to love, love in the journey. From May 8th to October 24th, which lasted 170 days, a total of 43031 kilometers, visited the city more than and 200, more than 30 thousand photographs, published more than 170 articles to a total of 15 thousand words, through the four seasons climate, visit the more than and 120 old friends met a lot of new friends. Gratitude list of thousands of people journey to find evoke past the memory of Pang Chuanxing said, more than a year ago, I was preparing the publication of "thanksgiving" list, built a WeChat group, to find people, person to person by person, finally contacted many years friend, mentor, and way of life, they worked selflessly help yourself, still visible before the eyes. In 1991, the rural senior middle school admission line 5 points of the senior high school entrance examination scores, Pang Chuanxing failed. Students entering school and work all day, only Pang zhuanxing aimlessly wandering confused. Second days to the school, pangfu out of savings, bought a bottle of wine, a smoke, let Pang Chuanxing go to the headmaster Accommodation Accommodation, repeat a year. The arrogant Pang Chuanxing bones obstinately rejected the "back door", what’s more, the home keeps a big dog! Blankly in the village on the hillside after sitting for a whole day, Pang Chuanxing came home, is worried about how to open his father, the father was pleased to tell him a good news. Originally, Pang Chuanxing’s classmate and "baibazi brothers" Zhao Yong didn’t go to high school, find the relationship between the trustee in plain city相关的主题文章:

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