"Fog face bite lips" allows you to easily HOLD live lead throughout the winter: the weather gradually cool, the girls dressed increasingly bloated, but still does not drive away the evil wind bursts, even the lips are dry and follow up, "smart" girls painting on a seemingly moist "lip oil"! (source: posters fashion network) oil lip weather becomingcooler girls dress is bloated, but still does not drive away the evil wind bursts, even the lips are dry and follow up, "smart" girls painting on a seemingly moist "lip oil"! You think you can cover your dry lips, can not think of greasy lips will give people want to rush to wipe the impulse! Today you spoke out the seals teach you to draw the In’s "winter fog face bite lips", both moist and not greasy, easily Hold live through the winter! Matte lip lip bite bite matte painting: Step1: first in the lips with the lip Concealer simple rendering, the purpose is to let the lips covered, this color will become clear. Wine red lipstick smear in the lower lip of the central, heavy once. Step2: and then apply wine red lipstick in the upper lip of the central, like the last step, set aside the lip range of 0.5cm. Matt Step3: bite lips and then use the pulp from the lower lip of the central point slowly beat, the color slowly beat to her lips, let no place color with red dye. Step4: the upper lip color are central to out, forming a very natural gradient effect. Don’t need any lipstick or lip gloss, the color is dry matte effect. Liu Wen in the preparation of the In winter fog face bite lips before to do lip care is the positive solution! In winter the lip is also very vulnerable to problems one of the parts, drying and peeling, sometimes appear lip wrinkles! These problems are all in reminding you that you have to start the winter lip in any case! Winter winter lip four steps four steps: first, give lip lip regular scrub for removal of waste lips aging skin, lips more moist, more healthy, can take some facial scrub smear on the lips, gently rub on it, once every Monday. Before two, apply lip balm before sleeping in lip smear lipstick. As long as the first with a wet towel gently wipe the lips, and then coated with a layer of lip balm thick, so to get up in the morning and lips moist! Hold on for a week, and you’ll find that your lips are always water. Three, not only need to do facial mask, lips also need to do lip membrane. Lip film is very simple, first lip balm lip balm, and then wipe off the rest of the lipstick with a paper towel, and then coated with a layer of hot towels and 10 minutes later, and then wipe the lipstick, do a good job of one or two times a week. Four, the thickness of the skin around the lips behind the eye, but the lips on both sides of the angle is also very easy to ignore, can use olive oil massage lip, and finally did not absorb the olive oil, the direct use of hot towel for 2 minutes, and then use a towel to wipe excess olive oil can. In addition to the daily to do lip care, as well as on the maintenance of the lips of the "three no" note.相关的主题文章:

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