On the same day four cars were smashed but not lost belongings, police have been involved in the investigation of drunk drunk smashed cars hit a car, two arrested two vehicles, three vehicles, four vehicles! In October 23rd, a total of four vehicles were smashed in different locations within the 10 km radius of the western region of Shenyang, of which three were taxis and one was a private car. The strange thing is, the valuables in these vehicles are not lost. What’s going on here? The taxi has around 10 pm yesterday, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter received a reader’s report, immediately rushed to the site of the incident in Tiexi in the Central District No. 55 South Street (opposite the east gate of the new campus of Shenyang University of Technology), Century City District in the south of the door, a red taxi is watching: Taxi windshield smashed crack a spider web like shape, window glass windshield, on both sides of the four door after they were smashed, broken glass scattered everywhere. The rearview mirror of both sides of the car was missing; the front cover of the car smashed three holes; the headlights of the car were smashed; the tires of the four wheels were flat; the tire had a clear tool, the traces of separation. It is estimated that the total cost of maintenance is more than 5000 yuan. "One meter was lost in the car, and the rest was not lost, including the change." The owner of the car told reporters that his family lived in the area, and put the car nearby every night. 22 days, 21 when the car back, 23, 6 or so to pick up the car, there has been the above picture. The car changed similarly in a disastrous state. In the Insider Guide, the reporter arrived at the place not far away from the work place second – Shen Liao road and Central Avenue intersection, near the area of a black Fulong garden, modern off-road car was in a disastrous state: before and after the windshield and on both sides of the window around the big hole; the headlights were smashed, taillight the car smashed crack; tire was sharp cut…… The owner of the car told reporters that he lived in the area, also parked here every day. At 7 o’clock yesterday, he and his wife were ready to drive out, and they were surprised to see the amazing scene. He muttered to himself, "look, there’s a tie box in the car, and it’s loaded with valuable things, but the box hasn’t moved. In addition, nothing else in the car was lost." He told reporters, the car maintenance cost is estimated to exceed 10 thousand yuan. The other two taxis have to suffer great pan near the area, there are two taxi smashed, the specific circumstances and the two car, insiders told reporters, only one taxi is only three tires slashed weapon. Some people told reporters that due to a surveillance camera near the incident scene was filmed: time is about 23 at 1 pm, two men from a car (the red dust, no lamp) smashed cars down…… Taxi drivers have each other WeChat group, 23 early in the morning, we have learned through the circle of friends of the above information. However, for three smashed taxis, the three owners do not know each other. A brother told reporters that the four smashed cars apart from the diameter of 10 kilometers, the modus operandi is exactly the same. After the incident, the owners of the relevant vehicles have been reported to the local public security organs. As of press time, the police on.

四辆车同日遭打砸却未丢失财物 警方已介入调查 酒后砸车打人 两醉汉被抓 一辆、两辆、三辆、四辆!10月23日,沈阳市西部地区方圆10公里的范围内,不同地点共有四辆车遭打砸,其中三辆车为出租车,一辆车为私家车。蹊跷的是,上述车辆内的贵重财物并没有丢失。这是咋回事呢?出租车已面目全非昨日10时许,沈阳晚报、沈阳网记者接到读者报料后,立即赶赴事发地点之一——铁西区中央南大街55号(沈阳工业大学新校区东门对面),在中南世纪城小区门口,一辆红色的出租车正在被围观:出租车的前挡风玻璃被砸裂成蜘蛛网般形状,后挡风、两侧四扇门的窗玻璃则全被砸碎,破碎的玻璃碎片散落得到处都是。车子的两侧后视镜均不翼而飞;车子的前机器盖被砸出三处窟窿;车子的前后大灯被砸碎;四只车轮的轮胎全瘪了,轮胎上留有清晰的利器割裂的痕迹。据估算,维修费总计超过5000元。“车内丢了一只计价器,其余的都没丢,包括零钱。”这辆车的车主告诉记者,他家就住在该小区内,每天晚上都把车子放在附近。22日21时收车回来,23日6时左右再去取车时,就出现了上述画面。私家车变千疮百孔无独有偶。在知情者引路下,记者又赶到距上述地点不远的第二处事发地点——沈辽路与中央大街交会处,在福隆雅居小区附近,一辆黑色的现代越野车被砸得千疮百孔:前后挡风玻璃及两侧的窗玻璃遍布大窟窿;前大灯被砸碎,后尾灯被砸裂;车的轮胎被利器割开……这辆私家车的车主告诉记者,他就住在该小区内,也是天天在此停车。昨日7时,他和妻子准备驾车外出,没料到却目睹了上述的惊人一幕。他喃喃自语,“你看,车内还放着拉杆箱,里面还装着贵重的物品,但箱子根本没动过。此外,车内别的东西也一样没丢。”他告诉记者,车子的维修费估计超1万元。另俩出租车相继遭殃于洪大潘附近地区,也有两辆出租车被砸,具体情况与上述两辆车类似,知情者告诉记者,只不过,其中一辆出租车只被利器割坏了三只轮胎。有人向记者透露,由于附近有监控摄像头,事发时的一幕被拍了下来:时间大约为23日凌晨1时许,两个男人从一辆轿车(上红下灰,无顶灯)下来砸车……出租车司机相互都有微信群,23日一早,大家通过朋友圈相继得知了上述信息。但是,对于被砸的三辆出租车来说,三位车主彼此之间并不认识。一位的哥告诉记者,这四辆被砸的车相距直径在10公里以内,作案手法如出一辙。事发后,上述相关车辆的车主均已向当地公安机关报案。截至发稿时,警方对此案进一步调查中。相关的主题文章:

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