The new chemical Nobel laureate Fraser Chinese in a "big" plan — science and technology — original title: new chemical Nobel laureate Fraser has a "big" plan in new network Tianjin on 6 October, in China (reporter Zhang Daozheng correspondent Liu Xiaoyan) October 5th, the 2016 Nobel prize in chemistry announced through the news the Internet quickly spread to the country. At the Tianjin University School of medicine in the laboratory experiment of doctoral student Wang Zhenzhen was surprised to find that one of the three winners of the James Fraser Stoddart?? (SirJ.FraserStoddart) is her mentor, mentor, and in March this year, Fraser also came to her research group in open group, and gave them a special report in July; she also followed his mentor Mark Olsen? Go to South Korea to open the international academic meeting, listened to his report to the general assembly. This can not help but let her sigh, the original Nobel prize winner so close to me." Almost at the same time, Tianjin University School of medicine Dean Jay? Seagal (JayStevenSiegel) also received this message. The first time he sent a message to congratulate the old friends, but also expressed thanks to the old friend: it is with the help of Fraser, the Tianjin University to recruit some outstanding young scholars in the world, and Fraser also created the big name in its own funds to reward outstanding talent. Students and postdocs and help recruiting excellent young teachers in the world. The Tianjin University School of medicine is pleased that Fraser will win the Nobel prize. This is not only because Fraser is a professor at the Tianjin University, national experts thousands of short-term plan selected, it is because of Fraser and he established at the Tianjin University research team is in order, Fraser won the Nobel prize of the news is a huge incentive for team work. Three years ago, Fraser decided to accept the invitation to work at the Tianjin University, is a very short and very enjoyable process. Feng Cuiling, Party Secretary of Tianjin University School of medicine also clearly remember the scene. In March 22, 2013, Fraser invited Seagal to be friends first came to the Tianjin University, and Seagal just two months ago to accept the dean of the Tianjin University School of medicine in the letter of appointment. Seagal and Fraser’s friendship can be traced back to the last century in 80s, Seagal was in Princeton under the tutelage of Professor Kurt graduate, Fraser’s research attracted his attention at that time. It was at that time that the two met for the first time and kept in touch for more than 30 years. In the 90s of last century, the two became a colleague at the University of California, Professor Fraser at the University of California at Los Angeles, and Seagal at the University of California at San Diego. They maintain a positive scientific partnership and personal friendship. In 2013, Seagal took over as Dean of the Tianjin University School of medicine, a day after the first big ocean China after the establishment of the new president, Seagal and Fraser of the Tianjin University international project development communication, Fraser showed the molecular design and synthesis of the school has a special interest. )相关的主题文章:

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