From the end of the "labor star": three people pleaded guilty to exposing Labour leader’s face – Beijing yesterday (September 26th), Guangzhou City, Panyu District people’s court held a public hearing Ceng Feiyang, Tang Huanxing, Zhu Xiaomei to disturb the social order and the case in court for sentencing. That Feiyang had committed the crime mob to disturb social order, and sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years; that the soup Huanxing committed crime mob to disturb social order, was sentenced to one year and six months, suspended for two years; that Zhu Xiaomei committed the crime mob to disturb social order, was sentenced to six months a year. Two years of probation. The 3 defendants in court pleaded guilty to repentance, obey the court ruling, no appeal. Only a short while ago, as the "Panyu family service department director working documents" Ceng Feiyang, "labor star" of the "reputation" mingzaoyishi, also won the title of "public figure of the year". Presiding judge: Guangzhou people’s Court of Panyu District. Please bailiffs the defendant Ceng Feiyang, Tang Huanxing, Zhu Xiaomei to appear in court! The 26 day of the trial from 9 in the morning, Guangzhou Panyu District city procuratorate send personnel to support the prosecution in court, the defendant Ceng Feiyang, Tang Huanxing, Zhu Xiaomei and his defenders to take part in the proceedings. Go to the dock on the Feiyang was have been white-haired, the once renowned labor leader now looks a little lonely, past in the media in front of the camera in high spirit also has ceased to exist. Prosecutor: are you a member of the Panyu Guangdong family service? Defendant Ceng Feiyang: yes. Prosecutor: Meng Han, Tang Huanxing, Zhu Xiaomei’s work is arranged by you? Defendant Ceng Feiyang: yes. Prosecutor: where do you come from? Defendant Ceng Feiyang: mainly social donations, before some of the foreign capital is mainly. Prosecutor: why do foreign funds to support you? Defendant Ceng Feiyang: I do not know their motives, the process to provide them with the cost of support. Prosecutor: do you have overseas training? Defendant Ceng Feiyang: yes. Why have to accept overseas training of foreign capital to accept foreign funding and training, the prosecutor the question though brief, but the people into a puzzle? After all, in front of the side, was once known for Feiyang 2001, Feiyang has become the "Panyu service department for peasant workers" responsible person, who Feiyang after years of operation, this "service" was to become "the first domestic labor NGO, active in the domestic 10 years, as the service department director, has Feiyang frequently appeared in the domestic and foreign media reports, which is called" the union star". Then this "labor star" why often attending overseas training and received a lot of foreign capital? Where did he receive the money and training? What is the secret behind? Defendant Ceng Feiyang: I am learning the law, after graduation to participate in the establishment of the Panyu workers clerical processing services, to provide legal help for some workers. But then I contacted some of the foreign organizations that were hostile to China, and received their training and funding.相关的主题文章:

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