Gansu to build the first local corporate insurance company to build the West open platform – new network in Lanzhou, September, 12 (reporter Feng Zhijun) Gansu province’s first national legal person insurance institutions, the Yellow River property insurance recently approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission to build. As the first company in China’s insurance industry to build the West open platform, its future will be involved in motor vehicle insurance, enterprise and family property insurance, engineering insurance, liability insurance, ship and cargo insurance, short-term health and accidental injury insurance, etc.. 12 days, held in Lanzhou, the Yellow River property insurance successful news conference to disclose the above information. According to reports, by the Gansu provincial highway Aviation Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. as the main sponsor, the United China Railway Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. and other 8 companies jointly set up the the Yellow River property insurance the initial registered capital of 2 billion 500 million yuan, the company registered in Lanzhou City, in Beijing, Lanzhou also set up headquarters. Rong Zhiyuan, party secretary and vice chairman of Gansu public navigation travel group, introduces that Gansu is the golden section of the Silk Road Economic Belt, and is an important channel for the country to open to the west. The Yellow River property insurance industry determined to build the West open platform, give full play to Gansu in the resources and location advantages, docking West and Central Asian countries, will become the insurance industry and the central and West Asia, communication channels, increase the effective supply of the insurance industry, to provide a good service for the implementation of the national strategy of insurance. The establishment of the Yellow River property insurance is a major strategic decision made by the Gansu provincial Party committee and the provincial government from the overall situation of the economic and social development of the province, focusing on the steady growth of Gansu, promoting the reform, adjusting the structure, improving the people’s livelihood and promoting the structural reform of the supply side." Rong Zhiyuan said, there are 5 listed companies of the Yellow River insurance shareholders, 1 listed companies, 2 of the world’s top 500 enterprises, 6 shareholders the main business engaged in infrastructure construction, which happens to agree without prior without previous consultation with the "The Belt and Road construction background. Rong Zhiyuan said, the Yellow River property has six "first, namely: Gansu’s first local corporate insurance companies, insurance industry is the first phase of capital amounted to 2 billion 500 million yuan of the company, the company is the first company in the insurance industry for the characteristics of engineering insurance, insurance industry is the first to create value for the pursuit of the company’s insurance the first industry in small, steady, for the goals of the new company, the insurance industry is the first to build West open platform company. According to the regulations of the CIRC, it is necessary to complete the preparatory work within 1 years after the approval of the establishment of the circ. Rong Zhiyuan said, the planning stage, will focus on the establishment of institutional mechanisms for scientific and market as the core, to build an appropriate scale, improve the structure of the personnel, tamp the foundation of management, and comprehensively promote the recruitment system and mechanism, basic guarantee of construction work, the company into the insurance industry’s first dedicated to opening up to the west the platform of insurance companies. (end)

甘肃筹建首家地方法人保险公司 打造向西开放平台-中新网   中新网兰州9月12日电 (记者 冯志军)甘肃省首家全国性地方法人保险机构黄河财险于近日获中国保监会批准筹建。作为中国保险业第一家致力于打造向西开放平台的公司,其未来将涉足机动车辆保险、企业和家庭财产保险、工程保险、责任保险、船舶和货运保险、短期健康和意外伤害保险等。   12日,在兰州举行的黄河财险批筹成功新闻发布会上披露了上述信息。据介绍,由甘肃省公路航空旅游投资集团有限公司作为主发起人,联合中国铁建投资集团有限公司等8家企业共同发起设立的黄河财险首期注册资本25亿元人民币,公司注册地兰州市,分别在北京、兰州同时设立总部。   甘肃省公航旅集团党委书记、副董事长荣志远介绍,甘肃是丝绸之路经济带的黄金段,是国家向西开放的重要通道。黄河财险立志于打造保险业向西开放的平台,充分发挥甘肃在资源、区位等方面的优势,对接西亚、中亚国家,将会成为保险业和中亚、西亚交流沟通的渠道,增加西部保险业有效供给,为国家战略实施提供良好的保险服务。   “设立黄河财险是甘肃省委、省政府从全省经济社会发展大局出发,着眼于甘肃稳增长、促改革、调结构、惠民生的需要和推进供给侧结构性改革的高度,作出的重大战略决策。”荣志远说,黄河财险股东中有5家上市公司,1家拟上市公司,2家世界500强企业,6家股东主营业务从事基础设施建设,这恰好与“一带一路”建设大背景不谋而合。   荣志远透露,黄河财险具有六个“第一,即:甘肃第一家地方法人保险公司,是财险业第一家首期资本金达25亿元的公司,是财险业第一家以工程保险为特色的公司,是财险业第一家以价值创造为追求的公司,是财险业第一家以小、稳、新为目标的公司,是保险业第一家致力于打造向西开放平台的公司。   按照保监会规定,在批复筹建之日起1年内,要完成筹建工作,通过保监会组织的验收,才能正式开业运营。荣志远表示,筹建阶段,将着力建立以科学化、市场化为核心的体制机制,打造规模适度、结构完善的人才队伍,夯实经营管理基础,全面推进人才招聘和体制机制、基础保障建设等工作,把公司打造成为保险业第一家致力于搭建向西开放平台的财险公司。(完)相关的主题文章:

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