Get on the bus! With the old drivers to learn how to use this Mid Autumn Festival "gun" her sister Hey, look to the Mid Autumn Festival, also is not a good party a little hi? Well, the party picture should be such ~NO! NO! NO! A big bang was PARTY, the reality is that ~ What could not bear to look around!!! No wonder you made such a single dog: Uh, let this lifelong gun farewell to your low with students as "gun" placed in the mouth of the bottle, pull the trigger, and a slight downward pressure exerted on the cork. "Gun" stops working after a bottle cork has been removed from the bottle. Say goodbye to brute strength from! Why always boring stereotyped!! From now on, WineOvation WNO-01 power gun with a new bottle opener open wine way to let you become the focus of Wine party, simply pull the trigger, remove the cork from the bottle, and push the trigger forward from the gun from the cork, just a few seconds to open a bottle of wine. Old driver, take me. Okay! It’s time to take out the gun and show off to your friends相关的主题文章:

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