Global Times: the goodwill increased Sino Vatican relations easing – Sohu comments Rome Catholic Pope Francis January 28th in Hongkong to accept the "Asia Times" interview, said Chinese "is not only a great nation, or a great culture, with infinite wisdom". The pope said he in 2014 from Rome to South Korea during the flight, when they will be flying over the airspace and will power Chinese greeting Chinese when he was "very excited", but he did not often have such a feeling. In February 2nd the "Asia Times" website published the interview. Pope Francis on the eve of the Lunar New Year Chinese spoke good China and blessing, this is not only a China Catholic happy thing, probably for other Chinese willing. The world media attention to Pope Francis over a period of increased frequency of China to pass the goodwill signal, which makes a lot of people think the overall trend of relations with the Vatican China. The Vatican is still maintaining "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan, but analysts generally believe that the Vatican Taiwan relationship is not a serious obstacle to the normalization of Sino Vatican relations, as long as the same Chinese established diplomatic relations, the Vatican is not difficult to choose between the two sides in the redo. All kinds of analysis pointed out that the Vatican the biggest controversy remains China throughout the church bishop appointment right. China Catholic adhere to independent management principles, the bishop of the Diocese of choice from st.. But the Vatican has been requested by it to the appointed bishop of the Diocese of Chinese. This is the focus of the deadlock between the Vatican and China. China Catholic independent self, well functioning, the pattern of change is clearly unrealistic. The past does not recognize China optional from Holy bishop, even some bishops imposed "excommunication", trying to destroy the church China harmony, exacerbated the tensions in the vatican. Pope Francis from Argentina, life is mild, since taking office to improve Sino Vatican relations show a positive attitude. But in the core issue, both sides does not seem likely to break. China has always attached great importance to the religious organizations with respect to the substantial independence of external religious organizations, no one believes that Beijing will make concessions on this important principle. At the same time, the only 0.44 square kilometers, it is beyond its own territory boundaries of traditional religious religious entity, its presence in large part from the relationship with the countries of the church. However, the Catholic Church is not the first encounter of "independence" demands, which brings independence and separation of the history of the impact of the largest protestant. The change in the overall pattern of remodeling of world christianity. The influence of countries outside religious Pope has been very weak, national autonomy and the medieval church today already cannot be mention in the same breath. I believe Beijing and the Vatican will always find a way to solve the problem, at least do so continuously become more ease the relationship between the two sides. So far, China official and the Pope are the two sides in communication and communication, what silence. The interview is not talking about this issue. Anyway, as long as the two sides, especially the Vatican had to solve the problem of goodwill and sincerity, and take a realistic attitude, in the Vatican to improve relations between the possibility of more.

环球时报:教皇的善意增加了中梵关系的缓和-搜狐评论   罗马天主教皇方济各1月28日接受香港《亚洲时报》采访,表示中国“不仅是一个伟大的国家,还是一个伟大的文化,有着无穷尽的智慧”。教皇说,2014年他从罗马到韩国的飞行途中,当得知自己将要飞越中国领空并将发电向中国表达问候时,他感到“非常激动”,而这样的感觉他并不常有。2月2日《亚洲时报》的网站发表了上述采访内容。  教皇方济各在中国农历新年前夕发表对华善意的谈话和祝福,这不仅是中国天主教徒高兴的事,大概也为其他中国人所乐见。世界媒体普遍注意到,教皇方济各近一个时期加大了对华传递善意信号的频度,这让很多人联想到中国与梵蒂冈关系的整体动向。  梵蒂冈目前仍与台湾保持“外交关系”,但分析人士普遍认为,梵台关系已非中梵关系正常化的严重障碍,只要能同中国建交,梵蒂冈大概不难在两岸之间重做选择。  各种分析指出,中梵的最大争议仍是中国各地教会的主教任命权问题。中国天主教坚持独立自主自办原则,各教区的主教自选自圣。而梵蒂冈一直要求由它来任命中国各教区的主教。  这是中国与梵蒂冈关系僵局的焦点。中国的天主教会独立自主自办,运转良好,这一大格局发生改变显然不现实。梵蒂冈方面过去不承认中国自选自圣的主教,甚至对有的主教处以“绝罚”,试图破坏中国教会的和谐,加剧了中梵关系的紧张。  教皇方济各出自阿根廷,处世温和,其上任以来对改善中梵关系展现了积极姿态。但在上述核心问题上,双方要突破看来并不容易。  中国历来高度重视各宗教团体相对于外部宗教组织的实质独立性,没有人相信北京会在这一重大原则上做出让步。与此同时,梵蒂冈只有0.44平方公里,它更像是超越了自有领土疆界的传统宗教教权实体,它的存在感很大一部分来自于与各国教会的关系。  然而天主教不是第一次遇到教会对“独立性”的诉求,其中历史上新教的独立与分离带来的冲击最大。那次变化重塑了世界基督教的整体格局。目前教皇对各国教会宗教之外的影响已经很弱,各国教会今天的自主权与中世纪早已不可同日而语。  相信北京和梵蒂冈总能找到解决问题的办法,至少做到让双方的关系不断变得更加缓和。到目前为止,中国官方和教皇方面都对双方是否在沟通、以及沟通了什么保持缄默。教皇接受采访也没有谈及这个问题。  不管怎么说,只要双方、尤其是梵方怀有解决问题的善意和诚意,并且采取现实客观的态度,中梵改善关系的可能性就会越来越大。中国这么大,其包括宗教治理的现代国家制度日趋成熟,处理好天主教事务符合广大信教群众的利益,节外生枝不受大多数教徒的欢迎。  教皇方济各的最新涉华谈话让人感受到了善意,这是一个积极的方向。中国人显然欢迎这样的善意,然而客观上说,要推动中梵关系的发展,梵蒂冈接受中国天主教会的独立自主自办更有实质意义,彻底化解主教任命权之争至关重要。如果梵蒂冈能在这方面迈出步子,将是最重要的善。相关的主题文章:

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