Guangdong’s first subway museum will be opened after the fun exploring mysterious underground space at the last subway is what? What artifact is the shield machine? Where is the subway on the two floor? From downstairs to the first floor on the two floor is what?…… All the questions, go to Guangdong’s first subway Museum, look for answers. Guangzhou museum is located in the Haizhuqu District subway Wanshengwei subway station exit A on the south side Wansheng square tower podium C negative one to three layers, construction area of about 4400, the exhibition area of about 3600. The exhibition area is divided into three floors, the negative one is the geological condition of Guangzhou and the exhibition area of the subway construction process. The first one is the exhibition area of the rail transit industry and the development of Guangzhou metro, and the two is the subway operation safety experience zone. Museum of urban rail transit as the core, set education, activities, services, entertainment in one, is the most distinctive experience of cross-border science and space. According to reports, the Guangzhou Metro museum will be opened to meet with you at the end of this year, according to the tourists, the public, children, students and other groups, to create a series of activities in various professional exhibitions, city tourism, cultural and artistic experiences, share the science classroom as the theme of the joint Party Committee Propaganda Department, bureau of culture, Youth Cultural Palace, cross for Lego, Oncidium times Museum, and other partners, the museum rich artistic taste and develop brand vision. In the future, the museum will bring more cultural and artistic experience of the project, to create an innovative public science platform. The museum highlights the secret: the proportion of 1:1 shield layer and negative layer, mining subway artifact embedded 1:1 ratio: shield machine, shield machine in the cavity, the audience can understand through games, video to shield a variety of functions, characteristics and working principle, technology can not only meet many curiosity, can let the kids playing in the game. Guangzhou karst geological spatial complexity of geological environment and geological museum is worthy of the name, the Guangzhou subway Museum by true karst layer simulation of the scene, with the audience to explore the mysteries of the underground space, by way of geological sand table, touchscreen operator interaction experiment, interactive games, holographic video studio, light box panels, a full range of geological understanding personally on the scene the characteristics of Guangzhou tunnel complex, to solve the problems of all sorts of strange things. Orbital space zero distance subway passengers on the subway station is often not unfamiliar, and the shield outside the driving area is another mysterious space. The museum through the touch screen and restore the true orbit of the scene, so that visitors can intuitively understand the equipment in the tunnel is how to carry out their duties. The train stopped at the subway subway train model two floor stopped at the two floor Museum, is another highlight of the subway train Museum, divided into four compartments, the first carriage for the simulation of the cab, participants can experience technical difficulties of ATO operation and accurate parking, the public can learn the basic operation, start the train here. The train safety and punctuality "to" the next station. Second car cocoa experience train traction system, by sliding the screen on the wall, scanning the body, to understand how the train ran. Where you don’t know where to go. network相关的主题文章:

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