Guangxi Qinzhou ecological civilization construction   big industry and environmental protection — the coexistence of white dolphins — original title: Guangxi Qinzhou heavy industry and the construction of ecological civilization for white dolphin coexistence dolphins play Ling Fulong pictured dolphins in Qinzhou Sanniangwan play Ling Fulong photo Beijing, Qinzhou in August 26, in Qinzhou to Sanniangwan (Chen Yan Ceng Kaihong) according to the environmental petition complaints Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate assigned by Guangxi, Qinzhou city official said 26, the local environmental problems of adhere to the zero tolerance attitude, in accordance with the "assigned by one, investigate a public one" principle, efforts to solve the problem of environmental pollution cases assigned by the central Inspectorate of the public the report, to build "ecological brand big industry and white dolphin" with real action. Guangxi Qinzhou is the Chinese famous "Dolphin town", in recent years, in "let the white dolphin and the industrial development" concept under the guidance of the local out of a construction of the protection and development of ecological harmony, ecological civilization construction and economic and social development to promote the coordination of the road, to achieve rapid development in the green ecological health the environment. In mid July to mid August this year, the central sixth environmental protection inspectors stationed in Guangxi to carry out the work of environmental protection inspectors. As of August 18th, Qinzhou city received assigned by the central Inspectorate people reported cases of environmental pollution problems of the 26 batch of 124, related issues including enterprise pollution, ecological damage, agricultural pollution, pollution, three sewage and garbage disposal, non industrial noise and other problems in 7 aspects. According to official disclosure, in the central environmental Inspectorate group assigned Qinzhou remediation problems, the mobile base station radiation problems accounted for 4. In addition, Wu Li Kim company, Lingshan County effluent drinking water pollution and other 20 environmental pollution problems are repeated complaints. The CPC Qinzhou Municipal Committee, Qinzhou municipal government attaches great importance to the work of inspectors, asked the District of the city of all relevant departments must increase accountability for violations of law, and resolutely fulfill the prominent environmental issues of the rectification task. Qinzhou municipal Party committee secretary Xiao Yingzi made a quick check assigned, to investigate a response to a reply, never missed one, not hesitate a "instructions. According to the central inspection group "acceptance, edge inspectors, rectification" principle, Qinzhou city counties and departments to develop corrective measures, a clear responsibility, not evade, do not shield their mistakes, enact reform legislation, while the investigation and reform, efforts to solve the environmental problems of concern to the masses. The official introduction, as of now, Qinzhou City, the 26 batch of involving 124 local environmental problems petition, has gone through 119, completion rate of 96%. At the same time, Qinzhou also increased the responsibility, as of August 20th, the city’s total staff of 1 people interviewed enterprises responsible accountable, to 34 people, including 2 people admonishing remarks, warning interviewed 5 people, the collective interviews of 14 people, administrative warning 2 people, criticized 9 people, 2 people from punishment. Local officials in the government portal set up a column to open letters and visits to solve the problem, newspapers, radio and television stations and news sites related to the disclosure of the case in a timely manner to respond to public concern. (end) (commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章:

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