Guo Degang: wanted to solve the Beijing Hukou apprentice Li Jindou was Guo Degang Li Jindou Jiang Kun top package (information) Phoenix Entertainment News September 10th teacher’s day, Guo Degang met on the Internet long memories and mentor Hou Yaowen, and coach of the past. Guo Degang said the teacher back for his close disciples, so far still want to burst into tears. Micro-blog, Guo Degang recalled his experience to fight in Beijing, a detailed reduction had to worship the door under the process of Li Jindou. He said he went to Beijing, a folk group said they can join the league, to the couple’s account. But the condition is to worship him as a teacher Mr. Li Jindou. But in the end I heard the regiment another comedian joined, the husband and wife together into account. Since then, the troupe never found his performances, worship Li Jindou as a teacher thing no longer mention. Micro-blog Original: the teacher’s day, I Miss teacher Mr. Hou Yaowen. By the end of third, I went to Beijing for the 1995 time. At that time, the purpose is to eat mixed mouth. 90s, crosstalk slump. Everyone says that crosstalk is no good. Even so, but to become a professional art troupe of actors, I like Beijing, it is a happy things. Of course, the beginning of each story is not smooth. I did a lot of work in those years. To write something to work, culture, film and television companies, with the company to act in an opera, until the teahouses in Beijing said the comic story. Today, I have to sigh, the most helpless is that year. Finally one day, a troupe came to me for help. In fact, their performance quality is not high, almost no Beijing City, was removed in the county. The performance fee has been hovering in more than and 70 dollars to more than and 80 dollars. Bitter is bitter men, but there was a great temptation, that is likely to account and transferred. At that time, the transfer of relations and accounts, as well as the population of the steel business, is very impressive. The relevant personnel and the group talked several times, the final condition that they adjust to my husband and I joined the league, hukou. But there is a condition, I was instructed by Li Jindou. I was from Baofeng often began during Mr. Gao Yingpei, Fan Zhenyu, Ma Zhicun, such as a dozen asked Mr. yi. But according to the comic line rule, did not hold a ceremony, so there is no one is officially my master. Of course, then a teacher taught me out on the court and abuse framed me, that is another comic. Mr. Li Jindou is a representative of the Beijing comic, but the veteran troupe. According to the group plan, I worship God is the continuation of the fighting blood group. Cooperation between the two sides happy, waiting for the implementation of the. In my efforts to work in the suburbs of Beijing counties when the news came suddenly, the regiment has been transferred to another comedian joined the league. It is common to Beijing hukou is husband and wife. That day, the troupe never come to see me again about the Ye Bai Dou performances, no one. Later, I saw the Lord about it. His eyes were dazed, regiment no one talked with him. Over the years, a lot of people take this thing for us, what made the story like apprentice refused. Can outsiders know, don’t insist, hit its own destiny. With the folk group cooperation is the biggest benefit, start…相关的主题文章:

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