Henan started the charity aid project to help poor   in patients with hepatitis B; first aid 2000 – Henan Channel – people.com.cn in our province poverty of hepatitis B patients to usher in the gospel: in November 22nd, the Henan Provincial Charity Federation held in Zhengzhou "for you to liver, accompanied by the" charity project will release good news: 51429 case in treatment of hepatitis B medicine donated by caring businesses, has arrived in Zhengzhou, will be for the city of our province, rural poor households living in patients with hepatitis B in patients with hepatitis B were donated, 2000 will be the first poor hepatitis B patients, get free drugs for a year. Charity Association relevant responsible person said that the hepatitis B patients in addition to the face of suffering, but also face a heavy economic burden on the treatment of hepatitis B. The love and enterprise jointly set up "Gan times lighter charity projects, mainly for poor families, with relevant to patients with hepatitis syndrome, provided free of charge for a certain period of Gansu times lighter (Entecavir Capsules) will be the first aid plan, 2000 of the patients receive treatment, drug free for one year. Today, the charity project entered the implementation phase, the relevant application and distribution work will also start. Love Fan Xiulian relevant responsible person said, hope that through drug charitable donations, provide some help for hepatitis B patients with economic difficulties, while the popularity of hepatitis B knowledge of disease, disease treatment and medication status of hepatitis B virus knowledge. It is understood that the Provincial Charity began to undertake drug aid projects, the China Charity Federation since 2006, initially, only for leukemia drug Gleevec aid projects, now has the liver, kidney, lung and other 10 kinds of illness aid drugs for many poor patients with serious illness sent life-saving drugs ". Remind it is understood that the late charity donated medicine will be the infectious disease hospital in Henan province (Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou city) to carry out free medicine, all meet the conditions of the patients, can download the application form by Henan Charity Federation official website, the relevant process can log on X? Id=729 check, after approval, can go to the hospital for free to receive donated medicine. (Xin Jing and Yang Xiaona: commissioning editor) 河南启动慈善援助项目帮助贫困乙肝患者 首批援助2000人–河南频道–人民网   我省贫困乙肝患者迎来福音:11月22日,河南省慈善总会在郑州举办的“肝愿为你,一路相伴”慈善捐助项目发布会传来好消息:由爱心企业捐赠的51429盒治疗乙肝药物,已经运抵郑州,将面向我省城市低保乙肝患者、农村特困户中的乙肝患者进行捐赠,首批将有2000名贫困乙肝患者,免费获得一年的治疗药物。   省慈善总会相关负责人表示,这些乙肝患者除了面对病痛折磨,还要面对治疗乙肝时的沉重经济负担。此次与爱心企业共同设立“甘倍轻慈善援助项目”,主要是针对家庭贫困、具有相关适应证的乙肝患者,免费提供一定周期的甘倍轻(恩替卡韦胶囊)援助,计划首批将有2000名患者,免费得到一年的治疗药物。即日起,该慈善援助项目进入实施阶段,相关申请、分发工作也将随之启动。   爱心企业相关负责人范秀莲表示,希望通过药品慈善捐赠,为经济困难的乙肝患者提供一些帮助,同时普及乙肝疾病知识、疾病治疗常识以及乙肝病毒用药现状。   另据了解,省慈善总会自2006年开始承接中华慈善总会的药品援助项目,最初,仅有针对白血病的格列卫药品援助项目,如今,已拥有针对肝癌、肾癌、肺癌等10种大病的援助药品,为众多贫困大病患者送去了“救命药”。   提醒   据了解,后期的慈善赠药将在河南省传染病医院(郑州市第六人民医院)开展,所有符合免费赠药条件的患者,均可通过河南慈善总会官方网站下载表格申请,相关流程可登录x?id=729查看,经核准后,可前往该院免费领取赠药。 (责编:辛静、杨晓娜)相关的主题文章:

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