Hengda the dismissal of a vice president Xu Jiayin called a meeting with sina mobile phone no admission financial news on September 22nd news, sina finance exclusive, internal network system Hengda Group can be seen in the hundreds of thousands of employees, sent two copies issued by Xu Jiayin personally punishment document. A file is "on the given group, former vice president of materials company chairman XXX the expulsion of the decision", the contents of the display, the vice president as the unit number, "in the material / calibration, the supplier agreed to several changes core terms, serious damage to the interests of the company, work serious dereliction of duty. In order to strengthen management, serious accountability, given its expulsion." Hengda file. Hengda file. The document also shows that "the deep-seated problems of this happening by XXX vice president led the group to monitor the room, office, the federal bureaucracy bidding supervision center, management and supervision center, budget audit center, legal affairs center, contract management center, financial audit department set up a special team to check once discovered severely punished. There is collusion, damage the interests of the company and other corrupt circumstances, regardless of whether anyone should be reported to the judicial organs to investigate and punish." Another part of the punishment for violations of disciplinary decisions of the meeting, the content, the president of a certain office to do a certain meeting of the company to attend the meeting, ignoring the rules, the phone into the venue." Discipline for the serious meeting, control of the group meeting on Further Strengthening the discipline, Hengda Group cadres code 36, given the staff and their leaders in charge of each of the three levels of wages. The industry of Hengda strict management already heard, the direct fired dereliction of vice president level executives, Xu Jiayin always visible strict management style of iron. At the same time, from the file as a number of monitoring agencies, but also to see the management of Hengda system. Hengda file. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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