The high-level talks "World of Warcraft" retro clothing: consider does not mean that since Blizzard will launch high-level meeting and nostalgia Sifu Nostalrius operations team at the beginning of this year, news about Blizzard retro clothing has not been broken, Blizzard has an ambiguous attitude also let the game player curiosity. In a recent interview with IGN, World of Warcraft director Ion Hazzikostas once again issued a similar message: "we are really serious about the nostalgia of the internal considerations." Senior talk about the World of Warcraft, of course, of course, do not necessarily mean that the launch, and Ion Hazzikostas also brought us a lot of Blizzard thinking. "We have to consider is not simply" do it or not, is more able to do, should do, how to do, in addition to vintage clothing but also want to know the effect on "World of Warcraft", "Hazzikostas said frankly said," there is no doubt that we all want to play for the launch of vintage clothing after all, I was from the beginning of 2004 WOW tour of the old game player, after Blizzard is because out of love for the former "World of Warcraft". When they met with the Nostalrius operations team, they were very impressed by the enthusiasm of the World of Warcraft, because what they do is to help the old Wower back to the kind of game pleasure. But we have to take into account the blizzard, even if you do have to follow the style of clothing in accordance with the blizzard, to ensure that the server can be in the future planning of Blizzard and will not cause any conflict." "For the first time in the forum and discuss the game player when we mean to launch the" original server ", which does not support the inter service team and have more characteristics of the old version of the server," Hazzikostas continued, "but the game player cares about most is the content, we hope to just before the Great Sundering content. Specifically, the level of restrictions, the old version of the skills, as well as the kind of nostalgia. In short, this kind of retro clothing needs to reproduce the 2005-2006 games will feel. To be honest, if it was a small project, we would have done it, but it was clear that the plan would require more discussion and review. We’re still in the middle of the discussion, but one thing to note is that we’re really talking about it." (source: 3DM editor: BZ) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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