Biguiyuan holiday Peninsula club March ladies enjoy preferential holiday Peninsula Club 3 preferential and you meet "beautiful woman happy holiday season in March, the peninsula Club 3 heavy discount and you meet a beautiful" preferential ": Wednesday ladies enjoy 280 yuan a day" 18 hole: other times (two discount including Saturday and Sunday) ladies enjoy 18 Discount: 380 yuan three hole: 4 people with MS group (the free preferential 1 ladies carry 3 male guests, ladies free; unfair, holiday) Note: 1) the package containing the greens, caddy, cart, locker fee, such as changes in the booking confirmation; 2) the preferential price according to the standard 18 hole charge, only playing 9 holes in the normal charge. On weekdays and play 9 holes by 300 yuan, plus 480 yuan holiday to play 9 holes; the need to 100 yuan per 18 hole ball single car, 9 holes of the additional 50 yuan; 3)   if used stadium lights, according to normal charging lights: 1-3 holes 40 yuan, 70 yuan, 4-5 hole the 6-8 hole 110 yuan, 130 yuan, 9 hole 18 hole 260 yuan; 4)   if the ball will fail to provide enough caddie service, press 1 to 2 caddy service, caddie fee is not refundable; must specify caddie reservation, and an additional fee of 80 yuan a 18 hole, the cost to collect the lost consumption; the compensation fee and lockers costs a total of 100 yuan; the above preferential implementation date since March 1, 2016, valid until March 31, 2016, subject to change, the final interpretation of all holiday Peninsula club; 碧桂园假日半岛球会3月女士尊享大优惠 假日半岛球会3重优惠与您美丽相约   “三月女人幸福季,假日半岛球会3重优惠与您美丽相约”   优惠一:周三“女士尊享日” 280元 位 18洞   优惠二: 其他时段(含周六、日)女士尊享:380元 位 18洞   优惠三: 4人同组 女士免费   (该优惠1位女士携带3位男嘉宾,女士免费;不分平、假日)   备注:   1) 上述套餐均含果岭、球僮、球车、储物柜费,如有变动,以前台预订确认为准;   2) 优惠价按18洞标准收费,只打9洞按正常收费。平日加打9洞按300元 位,假日加打9洞480元 位;单人用球车需每18洞加收100元,9洞加收50元;   3)  若用到灯光球场时,需按灯光的正常收费:1-3洞40元、4-5洞70元、6-8洞110元、9洞130元、18洞260元;   4)  如球会未能提供足够球童服务时,球童按1对2服务,球童费不退款;指定球童必须事先预约,并加收点名费80元 18洞,费用于前台统一收取;遗失消费本赔偿工本费及更衣柜钥匙费共100元;   以上优惠日期自2016年3月1日起实施,有效期至2016年3月31日,如有变更,最终解释权归假日半岛球会所有;相关的主题文章:

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