Disney in Hongkong last year nearly 150 million mainland tourists to reduce the original title: Disney in Hongkong last year nearly 150 million in fiscal year 2015 performance report released according to the Xinhua News Agency Hongkong Disney 15, the number of mainland visitors and the hotel occupancy rate fell by the impact of last year, revenue fell 6.4% year-on-year, HK $5 billion 114 million, a net loss of HK $148 million. According to the report, the overall number of visitors dropped last year due to the decline in the number of Inbound Visitors and the mainland. Specific figures, last year, the overall number of admission is 6 million 800 thousand, of which mainland tourists accounted for 41%, Hongkong local visitors accounted for 39%, international visitors accounted for 20%. Jin Minhao, chief executive of Hongkong Disney resort, said that the entire tourism industry will face challenges in the 2015 fiscal year and will continue to invest a large amount of resources to attract guests in the future. He said: "we attach great importance to the long-term development of the resort, the resources in the Disney resort in Hongkong, fully shows the company’s future development of the resort, and Hongkong are full of confidence." Jin Minhao believes that the Disney Park in Hongkong will be full of challenges in the next two years. For Shanghai, Disney will be opened in June, Jin Minhao believes that Hongkong Disney has its own characteristics, there are many unique projects, as long as the development of a good brand, do not worry too much. Editor in chief: Zhang Chun SN182

香港迪士尼去年亏近1.5亿 内地游客减少   原标题:香港迪士尼去年亏近1.5亿   据新华社电 香港迪士尼15日公布2015财年业绩报告,受内地访客人数和酒店入住率下跌影响,去年业务收入按年下跌6.4%,为51.14亿港元,净亏损1.48亿港元。   报告称,受内地及访港旅客人数下降等因素影响,去年整体入场人次减少。具体数字方面,去年整体入园人数为680万,其中内地游客占41%,香港本地访客占39%,国际访客占20%。   香港迪士尼乐园度假区行政总裁金民豪说,2015财政年度内整个旅游业都面对挑战,未来将继续投放大量资源以吸引宾客。他说:“我们重视度假区的长远发展,在香港迪士尼乐园度假区投放的资源,充分显示公司对度假区未来发展,以及香港都充满信心。”   金民豪认为,香港迪士尼乐园未来两年充满挑战。   对于上海迪士尼将于6月份开幕,金民豪认为,香港迪士尼有自己特色,也有不少独有项目,只要发展好品牌就不用太担心。 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章:

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