Housing cracks owners panic developers said that there is no quality problems that have cracks, crack columns post Herald News (reporter Zhang Huiling Zhang Weihua Ventura) "there is a large crack between the two pillars and beams at the entrance of the building, we worry about." Recently, Mr. Zhang Xi Pu Zhen central mansion District of Zhangzhou Dongshan County to the Zhangzhou Herald News Hotline 0596-2056315 reflect this. Yesterday, the Herald reporter came to the District 3 unit and two unit, at the entrance to see really a crack in connection with the two pillars of the beam. Mr. Zhang said that the crack had been there for a long time. "We suspect is the house of quality problems, such a big crack, the house will not sink?" Mr. Zhang is very worried, he said, in addition, the first floor of some walls have cracks. In this regard, developers Wanchun real estate development company responsible person Mr. Xie said that the house is absolutely no quality problems reflected the owners, owners of the post mentioned is a decorative column, does not have any impact on the housing structure, the "crack" is due to two times during the construction, and the emergence of new and old concrete of different contraction coefficient. If the owners feel pretty, can be repaired as soon as possible. As for the cracks in the wall itself is filled wall, not much impact on the housing structure, if the owners have doubts, developers can specify and invite relevant agencies to identify. Dongshan County Construction Engineering Quality Supervision Station relevant responsible person said, as soon as possible to the scene to see, identify problems after processing. (Strait Herald (micro-blog))

房屋有裂缝业主心慌慌 开发商称绝无质量问题 ◆柱子有裂缝◆柱子有裂缝导报讯(记者 张惠玲 张伟华文 图)“这栋楼入口处的两根柱子与房梁的衔接处有一条很大的裂缝,我们好担心。”近日,漳州东山县西埔镇中央公馆小区的张先生致电导报漳州新闻热线0596-2056315反映此事。昨日,导报记者来到该小区3栋一单元和二单元,在入口处,就看到两根柱子与房梁的衔接处确实有一条裂缝。张先生说,裂缝已经存在很久了。“我们怀疑是房子质量问题,裂缝这么大,房子会不会下沉啊?”张先生十分担心,他说,此外,一楼有些墙壁也有裂缝。对此,开发商万春房地产开发公司相关负责人谢先生表示,房子绝对无业主所反映的质量问题,业主所提及的那个柱子是一个装饰柱,本身对房屋结构没有任何影响,“裂缝”是由于二次施工时,新旧混凝土收缩系数不同而出现的。如果业主觉得影响美观,可以尽快进行修缮。至于有裂缝的墙,本身就是填充墙,对于房屋结构没多大影响,如果业主存在疑虑,开发商可以详细说明并请相关机构进行鉴定。而东山县建设工程质量监督站相关负责人表示,将尽快到现场查看,确定问题后再进行处理。(海峡导报(微博))相关的主题文章:

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