Hilary’s health problems how to influence the election – Sohu comment years is really do not forgive ah. Think that year "9? 11", Hilary ran as a senator, has won a good reputation, when she was 54 years old. This year’s "9? 11" fifteen anniversary, Hilary nearly 69 years old, but because of physical discomfort and advance to "leave early", led to speculation about her health problems. See the video from the scene, Hilary is quivering was put on the car, the situation seems very bad. For a time, all kinds of speculation Public opinion is seething with indignation. poured out, immediately, said Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy has said that, dysphasia, in short, as long as there is a solid, Mr Hilary is desperate. After all, it is hard to believe that a person with a serious illness can govern the country. Some people may come up with the example of President Roosevelt’s wheelchair into the White House, after all, when President Franklin was elected president after polio. The problem is that they cannot be mention in the same breath. The sequelae of polio does not affect people’s mind, does not affect the leaders of the decision, and in fact, wisdom and courage to show small President Roosevelt in the White House, absolutely than most normal people are too strong, can be said to be "the lion and the fox" (Machiavelli "the Prince" for the leader’s position) characteristics perfect set in a high EQ, and so far no American politician can match. Hilary’s situation is different. And do not say that no crisis (Roosevelt era first economic crisis after World War II) under the background of selecting talent people not sticking to formalities, and the ability of Hilary and Roosevelt is not too poor compared to a tiny bit, which in most cases up to more than 60% of the popular rate it is able to explain the problem. Even more deadly is that if people’s guess is true, there is such a serious condition, is a serious impact on a person’s judgment and governance, is absolutely not allowed to let people down. Hilary’s team and the Democrats are clearly aware of the crisis. In fact, about Hilary’s health concern has always been there, Hilary had also had suspected sick state, if not as soon as possible to clarify the matter, to dispel the concerns of voters, the original look That’s final. Hilary trip to the White House, is very likely to give up. To this end, Hilary may be in four aspects of public relations crisis". One is to divert attention. For people on Parkinson’s disease and other serious illness guess, the team may be overwhelmed by the discomfort, said Hilary into an emergency, rather than chronic severe. Therefore, Hilary’s doctor Lisa? Badac came out said: Hilary was diagnosed with pneumonia, but the recovery is going well. Yes, only an emergency such as pneumonia can explain both the problem and the suspicion of chronic illness. Two is to announce Hilary’s health information as soon as possible. The latest news is that the Democratic campaign spokesman said this week will announce more medical information about Hilary’s health, in order to prove its body without problems, hoping to break the Republican presidential candidate Trump Hilary said that due to health discomfort in China相关的主题文章:

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