Hunan opera "Zhao Zilong Guiyang" plan to take innovative forms of heritage classic interpretation of the hero legend – Beijing new network in Beijing in September 21 (Xinhua correspondent Xia Taipeng Deng Huan) the evening of September 20th, the Beijing Changan Grand Theater All seats are occupied. from Hunan to build Guiyang County, Hunan opera Heritage Protection Center to calculate "Zhao Zilong Guiyang" splendid performance. The play is in Hunan Province, "Hunan Shanxi Beijing opera performances in the repertoire, the only one by the troupe rehearsal repertoire, but also the" Xiang drama Jin Jing performances of the event for. In early 2016, the Hunan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Department of culture selection of the top 10 outstanding drama, focus on processing, modification, improvement, to participate in the Hunan opera Jin Jing performances. "Zhao Zilong Guiyang" plan to take photos. Deng Huan taken as participating in the exercise program training plan to take "Zhao Zilong Guiyang", by the head of state a screenwriter, screenwriter of Huai opera in Shanghai by Gong Xiaoxiong, the famous theater director He Xijuan as director, starring the intangible cultural heritage inheritors in Chenzhou Hunan Guiyang County Hunan Cao development and Heritage Protection Center featuring outstanding young actor Hu Jianxiong. Play according to the "Three Kingdoms" fifty-two "plan to take Zhao Zilong back to Guiyang" and "Three Kingdoms? Zhao Yun biography" and widely circulated in Guiyang, about Zhao Zilong’s folk tales written about the creation, after the battle of red cliff, Zhao Zilong played against Guiyang in the face of natural disasters, drought and water shortage, the people suffer, no food to survive the difficulties, prefect for etc. under the condition of resolving various dangers, finally dug canals and diversion for disaster relief, success story of Guiyang. "Training" Zhao Zilong for Guiyang "is a tribute to the tradition, for heritage protection training this" national heritage "name card to make a positive contribution." Screenwriter Gong Xiaoxiong said, the drama created to pursue "play drama, play, play, play" program "" Health Net ugly end "five complete business, and they are on the stage of the rap movement, one by one in strict accordance with the traditional Hunan opera performance program, opera" four five "all around, is authentic the classical opera. The tradition at the same time, the show is still arranger, choreography and other aspects of bold innovation. Director He Xijuan introduction, "Zhao Zilong Guiyang" in the arrangement for breaking the conventional form by Kunqiang based Guiyang Hunan opera music, mainly in the tanqiang and pitched, supplemented by Kunqiang embellishment, but also into the local minor elements and modern music. "The tune is rich, easy to shape more roles and the heart, more convenient for setting the scene and the plot." The integration of local culture is also one of the characteristics of the play. The local minor, Yao Yao costumes, and cast into Quanjing, Fu Cangshan, Furong Village, bamboo has Guiyang humanities style elements, with choreography, music, lighting and other aspects of the adjustment and adaptation, closer to a modern audience, the audience all over the country to enjoy the poetic drama at the same time, can feel the "Guiyang Chu the south area of the early Han Dynasty, the ancient county" charm. Two hours of performance, the theater repeatedly sounded warm applause. When you see the sixth games, Zhao Zilong for the people to drink into drains, people, folk song appreciation, the audience applauded unable to restrain the emotions. "It’s very down to earth. Zhao Zilong’s body相关的主题文章:

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