City residential average price for 14 consecutive months of "double up" – released Chongqing windows — China Index Research Institute, September 100 city residential price index shows that the month, city residential average price rose 2.83%, an increase of 16.64%, which is since 2015 August since the fourteenth consecutive month, year-on-year rise of double ring. 100 city price index system for the new full sample survey data, 100 of the residential city nationwide according to the September 2016 100 National City (New) residential average price of 12617 yuan per square meter, up 2.83%, or 0.66 percentage points last month to expand. From the number of ups and downs, 81 cities rose, the 18 cities fell, the 1 cities last month and flat. Compared with the previous month, the number of the month prices rose in the city increased by 13, which rose more than 1% of the city has 38, last month increased 2; the number of the month prices fell in the city by 11, of which more than 1% decline in the city has 6, last month increased 4. Year on year, the national 100 cities (New) residential average price rose by 16.64% over the same period last year, an increase of the previous month to expand by 2.89 percentage points. Calculated by the median, the country’s 100 cities (New) residential median price of $7149 square meters, an increase of 0.52%, an increase of 0.08%.相关的主题文章:

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