I study Liu Shishi "yellow robe" body, my friend asked me why no tan ~ summer summer, is not because of a little Tan and trouble? In fact, a change of color to wear on the body can help you, whether wheat or snow can appear muscle muscle more dazzling ~ this color is white and yellow – fried chicken ~ Fan Ye unexpectedly can’t handle the yellow skirt? See actress yellow who wins who wins! Beckham abandoned Liu Shishi black and white ash on the most important days of it to choose the best to wear yellow to Beckham for it, the whole yellow look let her no doubt become the most dazzling, wheat muscle she almost more than a layer of high light ~ a long sleeveless coat is pull the wind and suction eye, pay attention to Beckham with yellow clothes and shoes are black nude colors do not grow oh ~ and a wheat muscle is represented by Gigi ~ a yellow dress for her beautiful figure in the evening also show the most incisive. Olivia Palermo is the Yellow loyalists, walking the red carpet and vacation without yellow single product collocation. Also personally made a teach workers how to wear the All Yellow Look, the company will be able to wear light your day, not only need to rely on muscle wheat yellow light, your skin white female stars also love it. Before Liu Shishi’s wedding on the welcome dinner dressed in a yellow skirt debut, is absolutely the most dazzling bride. And Dongyu Zhou blew up the red carpet is the best beauty in a yellow strapless dress field at least one meter eight ~ was white into a lightning Di Ali Gerba against a yellow skirt is white paper to light ~ Yu Bo Chiara closet. There is also a lot of yellow single product, sweater, dress, complete how to wear what beauty ah ~ yellow body with a reflector to easily create suction eye look yellow white except Haichao suction eye, wearing a yellow skirt Irene Kim is not occupied the sight of you! From left to right: Irene Kim; Chriselle Lim; Aimee Song ‘sister recommended yellow skirt skirt collocation is the romantic feeling ~ knee plus color coat, all can control the collocation way ~ or wearing a yellow jacket, minute light up your body. Remember, sister said numerous white T+ tape? This wind blowing all the way to the fall ~ ~ with a yellow ribbon, fashionable people have been so in the oh ~ yellow wide leg pants both legs long, as well as a cool, take a white coat reflective board Max! Baseball Shirt everyone has cut, do not feel the same? Change the yellow pants off the previous formula ah ~ immediately season, jackets should buy up, yellow jacket body can break the dull autumn immediately. Super wear fashion fine can wear a All Yellow~ stylish collocation skill are brisk, written on clothes. The starter edition is short, large areas of exposed skin, let the yellow is not so upstage. Since the weather is not so hot, it will again take out a beautiful dress ~ either catch a vacation at the end of the summer, or daily fashionable street, a yellow dress is a good choice ah ~ there are set of yellow, very aggressive, super ~ Aura相关的主题文章:

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