If the budget is limited, I only buy this autumn 4 coolest "black" single product fall Oh, probably just two more weeks, sang about the past. Specifically for the fall to buy a new wave of seasonal single product, in fact, not cost-effective. A limited budget, I think, buy these cool upgraded version of the "black based single product", is the best of the! 1 zippered black turtlenecks in various public numbers for more than a year of bombing, black turtlenecks should have a hand backing configuration? And others do not want to hit it, it is time to upgrade the ~Veronika Heilbrunner is very love to wear a shirt, she put the basic version of the black Turtleneck Shirt have replaced with a zipper version now. The weather is not so cold when she is sheathed on a short sleeved T-shirt, a little cold, put on the coat on the outside, look than the general black turtleneck more details. Lin Chiling fancy elegant see-through dress Li Xiaolu covered with color is still full in this trend, in the great early early before the said Jersey, were mentioned in order to improve the utilization rate, so with a clear trend point of a single product, of course is the best buy black. Compared with knitting relatively close, blogger Camille Charrie re love more pure as "Jersey" black jacket zipper. Such as this one can see through the cuff opening, is supposed to be Jersey… A professional sports brand’s neck is not too long a girl can zip down a little bit, but it stuck in the neck just right here, so this style will go down a single partial ~ wear collocation have a little sense of design a skirt or trousers won very cold ~ up Yao on the outside with a thick coat, keeping ~Zara to early winter can wear this 200 and looking for, but is from the head to tail pull, do not know will not plug against posts ~Zara rib knit jacket RAINY BLOUSE IN BLACK Just FemaleAcne Studios Navy Branca Pullover1 can deal with all kinds of situation of black velvet skirt in the fall are not willing to and you say goodbye at the bottom of black suspender skirt? But the really cool autumn silk and take a bit, a material is good ~ ~ like velvet. Velvet soft feel naturally more suitable for autumn and winter, no matter from the body or from the visual sense. And I think the velvet is a special magical material, style is changeable. Can be very retro, can be very sexy, or elegant, occasionally very cool, a black velvet dress, in the hands of different people can have a completely different appearance ~Leandra Medine simple velvet dress with a white turtleneck shirt. Love to play and stacked collocation, can also be like this in a velvet covered with jeans, jacket, velvet skirt yidams cool to don’t know myself… This year, autumn and winter show on the super single product velvet, dark green, feel great red are shoes相关的主题文章:

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