In the fifth quarter, more than happy eleven! Sohu [] National Day National Day travel reception courtesy, tickets become big! Mei Xiaoming, I heard eleven small holiday season fifth has a very interesting ah, you know? With tickets can be free fishing for wild fish and crabs, fish or crabs can be caught on the spot cooking, activity time is from October 1st to October 7th. Xiao Ming really? I’ll book the tickets right away! Yes, exclusive tickets when you see this message, and you are not wrong, eleven during the fifth quarter, we prepared a lot of exciting content, the ticket number of activities is from October 1st to October 7th; by the fifth quarter sightseeing tickets can participate in beach fishing or fishing crab activity characteristics, each 48 yuan tickets can catch a free wild fish or catch crabs. X 1 or X 2 Classic Pen ~ God said, do you think it is so easy to catch crab fishing? Not only do the bamboo spreader, the line do quilt with a white line, you can imagine what the situation will not! PS: in order to allow you to experience different fun, we designed the content, I hope you and your family can enjoy. However, in this small series to give you a surprise, look at the following figure! The big pot dunyu Chai how delicious!? Dachai pot ready, a dry faggot on a blazing fire, which is to cook the fish stew ~ rhythm now; just as the water into the pot, you can see the site you catch fish cooking the way, you can also learn a hand; if you are fishing for crabs we also allow you to eat fresh oh – now steamed! The description of activity time: October 1st ~10 month 7 days fishing place: place water park live in the sand; cooking place in the music fountain square (Yequ restaurant) other expenses: (1) the fish caught the stew pot wood processing fee of 20 yuan, 5 yuan a bean paste cakes, 15 yuan a. (2) steamed crabs only $10. Activities: activities screenings only arrange morning, cooking deadline 13:00. (Note: this activity does not participate in group purchase online shopping!) [eleven] parent-child Trolltech innocence, joy of parent-child Pro Zi Zi mom and Dad had eleven special parent-child exchange, eleven / eleven happy family garden will National Day distance less than ten days, freaky daddy ready with wanderers where? Want to have a special experience? Do you want your baby to have an unforgettable vacation? To this, the fifth quarter has sounded the assembly of parent-child activities, cooking competition + Park + + visit acres close to nature and small animal interaction + organic picking and other exciting content Vegetable & Fruit! Eleven new experience of parent-child cooking competition "parent-child cooking competition" freaky daddy with adorable baby to do some content:, optional three dish + a required dish in the park to find the necessary ingredients (provide transportation). Second, freaky and adorable baby ready ingredients and needed seasoning, cook for men; a new task, to catch a fishing area!相关的主题文章:

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