In the old monitor with 7 rocket skills declined local enterprises hired Beijing – "old monitor, you in the army for two years, one hand welding skills. You come back, the annual salary of 200 thousand is certainly no problem……" "Little, thank you for your kindness. I used to be in the army, you or another person." The former Comrade Xu Guang hung up the phone, a rocket in the factory two sergeant Zhang Shiying as usual, went into the processing workshop, wearing sunglasses, fixed plate, lift the gun…… "The habit" to stay in the army, this seemingly ordinary words, Zhang Shiying had used it 7 times declined to hire a local business owner paid. Medium stature, deft hands and feet, the eyes of perseverance…… First saw Zhang Shiying, I was surprised to find that his camouflage sleeves and trousers covered with small holes, camouflage shoes have more than a dozen hot metal splashing hot point. "The hole," skin peeling. "." Zhang Shiying smiled calmly. Due to the perennial and torch "intimate contact", not only the clothes are covered with iron from the small hole, the face is often baked peeling. Therefore, Zhang Shiying’s face is often a pale blue, black for a month". Learn easy to learn but difficult welders. Zhang Shiying 22 years as one day, learning from the general to the mastery of welding of cast iron welding skills, used for electrode about 100000, weighing several tons. His skill in wheting is superb in skills contest frequently has grown into a national senior technician welder. The year before last, he was invited to serve as the national revitalization cup vocational skills contest only military judges. "The Second Artillery special skills of technical experts" and "army sergeant Talent Award" "outstanding communist party member"…… Look at Zhang Shiying, a certificate of honor, I seem to see a 22 year struggle to the roots of the veterans. "People have to have a conscience, my body is the ability to give, how much money I can not ‘sell’." In these years, Zhang Shiying has 15 times to participate in the training, each go out once, he gave the troops back a "fortune". With the ability to return troops are not steadfast." Zhang Shiying said to do. These years, he accumulated manufacturing parts of tens of thousands of pieces, recorded more than and 40 words of the study notes, write 18 high quality papers, training of technical backbone Bangdai out of hundreds of people. He invented "manual bending machine" and "safety chuck wrench" and "multi-function welding training equipment and a number of innovations, all used in equipment maintenance practice. In the process of installation and reconstruction of a certain missile position, according to the characteristics of the position and the technical requirements, Zhang Shiying invented the method of "transformation welding according to the position", and completed the debugging of the special equipment. This innovative method is peer input textbooks, widely used in various types of national defense construction tasks. (Tian Liang Ding Rongzhen Zheng Bing from July 27th "rocket soldiers")相关的主题文章:

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