The Indian military exposure India or will once again in the border military exercises second times this year – the Sohu military channel according to India media "International Business Times" quoted the India October 6th Kashmir media Daily Excelsior, a India military sources, the two sides will hold a joint military drill in the eastern Ladakh region at the end of October, the details will be released in late some time. This is not the first time the two sides held joint military exercises in the region. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that in February this year, China and India has held joint military exercises in the eastern Ladakh, the main contents of the exercise of coordinated action, joint disaster relief and humanitarian aid. The two sides said the military exercises aimed at strengthening the interaction between the two sides of the actual control line on the border between China and India, and enhance bilateral military mutual trust. China and India in February is held for the first time exercises in the Ladakh region. India media "International Business Times" said that the military exercises between China and India at the end of October will be to maintain peace and stability in the border areas. Ladakh in Indian Kashmir, Pakistan controlled Kashmir connection in northwest area, southwest of Pakistan, east of Tibet Chinese, located in the northernmost India, was assigned to the autonomous state of Jammu and Kashmir, sensitive areas in the border. India and China have maintained a high degree of sensitivity and prudence in the border issue. Just last month, India media reported the so-called Sino Indian forces in the border confrontation. In response, China’s Ministry of foreign affairs responded that the Chinese border guards have consistently complied with the relevant agreements reached between the two countries, in strict compliance with the actual control of the line patrol. I hope India to work together with China to maintain peace and tranquility in the border area, strive for an early settlement of the border issue. The positive interaction between China and India has increased recently. From 6 to October, the fourth Sino Indian strategic economic dialogue will be held in India, New Delhi, during the meeting, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement of the same type of projects, involving an amount of $16 billion 16. Not long ago, the first Sino Indian anti-terrorism security dialogue held in Beijing. And about 15 this month to 16 in India, Goa held eighth "BRIC summit", China leaders will also attend the meeting, it is reported that the world economy and terrorism is listed as the main topic. According to India, "Chandigarh Tribune" website reported on September 6th, the two sides also will be held in November a new round of code named "joint military drill work", in Pune by the India Army South command responsible for arrangement, the theme is "to combat cross-border terrorism". It is reported that the two countries held the sixth time "hand in hand" joint military exercises since December last year, is China by allowing its troops overseas counterterrorism missions of the "Anti Terrorism Law" after the first "to" exercise. Pay attention to Pakistan position at the same time, it was because of security problems between India and Pakistan Kashmir strained. In the middle of last month, a military camp in Indian controlled Kashmir was attacked and 17 India soldiers died. India accuses Pakistan’s backers that India Pakistan deliberately wipe the black image, transfer of the international community on the situation in Kashmir note printing.相关的主题文章:

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