In an interview on the earliest institutional investors: Sequoia Capital this evaluation of the express industry China Sequoia Capital Fund partner Liu Xing on the NYSE (left three) Wang Dan Wei from New York "in general not beef cattle?" Cow!" In October 27, 2016, through courier officially listed on the NYSE, the issue price of $19.5 shares, more than $16.5 a share to $18.5 stock issuance interval, calculated in accordance with the issue price in the market capitalization of $1 billion 400 million, ranked in the U.S. listed company China sixth, since the Alibaba listed in almost the largest amount of fund-raising shares of IPO. Listed on the same day sounded the opening bell, in turn led hundreds of executives from the China all to participate in the activities listed bell staff, on the NYSE floor called nearly fifteen minutes to boost the morale of the slogan. Although listed on the first day pass fell 15.03%, but the company’s chief financial officer Guo Jianmin of Tencent Finance said that the United States listed on the long-term performance. Sequoia Capital is through courier of the earliest and largest institutional investors, listed on the same day, said the Chinese Sequoia Capital Fund partner Liu Xing accepted an exclusive interview with the Tencent, the original investment in Sequoia through reason, from the soft power factor, is its recognition of the founder and management team management and execution, from hard index in general, start late, the fastest growth rate. Since the Sequoia Capital pass, pass from five years ago, the industry ranked fifth, six place, now do amount of the domestic market accounted for nearly 15% of total package amount, has fully demonstrated its strong strength. At the operational level, through the grasp of the details, reflecting the high level of the company. To process design of transit center, matching between goods warehousing and shipping car interface level, all the details add up to the secret of success in cost control, but also the achievements of today’s communication ", said Liu Xing of Tencent finance. Prior to the opening of the express delivery has been Sequoia Capital and Warburg capital and other investment funds in the United States, after the rumors, the United States by the pressure of U.S. investors to withdraw from the u.s.. This Liu Xing of Tencent Finance said that the primary reason for listing in the United States is in line with the company’s long-term development strategy, in the hope to become a comprehensive logistics enterprise international first-class, to provide quality services for customers around the world. Liu Xing of Tencent Finance said, "Chinese express market is very large, in the volume of business has more than FedEx, perhaps will soon exceed UPS, the international giants of the professional and technical ability through appreciation, by listing in the US, can help in open more international exchanges and cooperation in the window. To a higher level." Chinese express industry will be mergers and acquisitions through courier according to the prospectus introduced the company’s profit rate is as high as 25%, while its rival tact and Shen Tong’s main business in 2015 gross margin was 13.42% and 16.32%, while SF last year’s main business gross profit margin was 20.42%. According to the China e-commerce research center, the courier industry average profit margin of only 5%, there are market participants believe that the future express market may also have a merger integration. In this regard, Liu Xing expressed different views on Tencent finance, fast.相关的主题文章:

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