Investment express] IT orange October 26th included 21 INVESTMENT acquisitions – Sohu technology content of this article comes from IT orange daily risk investment courier public account. More visible IT orange master investment data content of the plate, the global Internet industry investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. – domestic events – 1 Wonder News million Pre-A round of financing Wonder News is a Arabia local news content information aggregation APP, known as the Middle East headlines today, belonging to the Fuzhou Network Music Network Technology Co. ltd.. Complete the million Pre-A round of financing companies before investing capital iresearch. 2 star UAV to get $72 million B round of investment star UAV is a main shooting, easy to operate, the price of the people of the UAV, the first product for the star dragonfly uav. Shenzhen City Star Control Technology Co., ltd.. The company recently received 72 million yuan B round of investment, investment institutions including all group, more cattle media, blue ocean ark, Hanjing family office. 3 molecular interaction was $10 million Angel round of financing molecular interaction is a provider of social media marketing communications services provider, which has fast sub creative services, etc.. Recently, the molecular interaction was 10 million yuan Angel round of financing, the investor is EMC. 4.51 credit card for $84 million C+ round of financing 51 credit card credit card is a practical management tool and financial services platform, developed by Hangzhou’s cattle Network Technology Limited company, also owns 51 credit card offers, 51 accounting, 51 bank card safe series app, big data and user behavior based on business the service life of O2O service data and service platform. Recently, 51 credit card for $84 million C+ round of financing, the investor is Jiashi and investment intime group. 5 of the assets of 100% completed nearly ten million yuan Pre-A round of financing assets of 100% is a company that provides services to the disposal of non-performing assets based on big data technology financial technology services company, the disposal of the power industry integration of the non-performing assets, to provide a one-stop solution for loans of financial institutions, is committed to building the disposal of non-performing assets and the realization of the platform. Recently, the assets of nearly 100 million yuan to complete the Pre-A round of financing, the investor is cocoa capital. 6 WiseNews group completed the C round of financing WiseNews group is a comprehensive educational institutions, colleges and universities focus on providing online education, occupation education training, online courses, production services, education, class factories, aucan has a variety of applications such as its state university. Recently, WiseNews group completed the C round of financing, the investor is the gold macro etc.. The 7 dream Duo the Pre-A round of financing to complete the Beijing dream Duo is a network for small and medium enterprises credit and Internet financial services provider, focused on the chain chain hotels, catering and other formats. Recently, the dream duo completed Pre-A round of financing. 8 taste network for 50 million yuan investment strategy is one of the main agricultural taste network:相关的主题文章:

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