The director will engage in corruption? People’s Republic of China does not need the false development – Sohu remarks as now the green GDP and clean GDP, we also need to "clean GDP". Oriental IC data for a period of time, such as "discipline regulation tightened, flexible space becomes narrow," "do more and more wrong, not doing good" to "is not an accident, it is best not to work" argument, once in the party members and cadres of the market. In the spirit of the eighteen session of the six plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the press conference, deputy secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Wu Yuliang and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Bureau of international cooperation, Liu Jianchao gives a clear answer: this argument is a false proposition, or other, or others. Said the anti-corruption led cadres demoralized people, is in strict supervision and discipline that let a person dare not timid, director to the director general. There is actually hidden a wrong logic, that is "and compliance observe the contradiction be enthusiastic and press on" period, "general business needs in violation of discipline, engage in corruption". Is this really true? As now the green GDP and clean GDP, we also need to "clean GDP". Maybe sometime, somewhere, in a certain field, through illegal operation, corruption can obtain some seemingly prosperity, such as public funds of luxury consumption can pull a dining and entertainment consumption etc.. But by engaging in corruption brought false "prosperity" is weak and vain. From history, global, overall view, corruption actually brings more far-reaching price distortion, economic inefficiency and unfair distribution. More serious is, corruption and other illegal acts will erode the ruling party and the state, the harm is huge, immeasurable. As long as the costs and benefits come out swinging, can count the political accounts, economic accounts. The country and the people, honest is the effective work of the general business undertaking, fair and orderly economic development is the genuine goods at a fair price for economic development, disciplined compliance is to be enthusiastic and press on people to be enthusiastic and press on. The people’s Republic of China does not need to take for the false "development", will the people not only tired; do not need to violate the project will suffer. Is the so-called "people is the biggest political justice is the strongest power." General secretary Xi Jinping spoke at the eighteen session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection as clear as noonday six plenary session, the positive energy of the comrades of the whole Party anti-corruption struggle to have enough confidence. This just shows that, due to anti-corruption and "depression", will be engaged in corruption or to engage in corruption, and good cadres really stand the test will cheer up because of corruption. Corruption can reverse the adverse political environment, correct the selection and appointment of "counter elimination" phenomenon, make good money drives out bad, namely "corrupt cadres have out, talent shows itself". Adhere to carry out anti-corruption struggle, not only leading cadres demoralized, also make really good cadres, have both ability and political integrity discipline, serving the people wholeheartedly feel rewarding, prospects, and head. Some party members and cadres holds "anti-corruption leading cadres demoralized" myth, is exposed?

干事就要搞些腐败? 人民共和国不需要虚假发展-搜狐评论 正如现在讲绿色GDP、干净GDP一样,我们也需要“清廉GDP”。 东方IC 资料  一段时间以来,诸如“纪律规制收紧了,灵活干事的空间也变狭隘了”“多干多错,不干不错”“要想不出事,最好别干事”等论调,在党员干部中曾经有一定的市场。在十八届中央纪委六次全会精神新闻发布会上,中央纪委副书记吴玉良和中央纪委国际合作局局长刘建超给出了明确的答复:这样的说法是伪命题,或者另有所图,或者人云亦云。  说反腐败导致干部意志消沉的人,无非是在说严格的监督执纪让能干事的人缩手缩脚、不敢干事了。这里面其实隐藏了一个错误的逻辑,那就是“奋发有为与遵规守纪之间存在矛盾”,“干事创业就需要违反纪律、搞些腐败”。事实果真如此吗?  正如现在讲绿色GDP、干净GDP一样,我们也需要“清廉GDP”。或许,在某时、某地、某领域,通过违纪违法、腐败运作能够获得一些看似繁荣的景象,例如公款奢侈消费能拉动某地的餐饮娱乐消费等等。但是靠搞腐败带来的虚假“繁荣”却是脆弱而虚妄的。  从历史、全局、整体的视野来看,腐败所带来的实际上是更为深远的价格扭曲、经济低效和分配不公。更为严重的是,贪腐等违纪违法行为会腐蚀整个党和国家的执政肌体,危害巨大、不可估量。只要把成本和收益都拿出来摆一摆,就能算清楚这笔政治账、经济账。  对国家和人民而言,清正廉洁的干事创业才是有效管用的干事创业,公正有序的经济发展才是货真价实的经济发展,遵规守纪的奋发有为才是人民期盼的奋发有为。人民共和国不仅不需要贪赃枉法换来的虚假“发展”,还会反受其累;老百姓不仅不需要违法乱纪搞成的项目,还会深受其害。正所谓“民心是最大的政治,正义是最强的力量。”  习近平总书记在十八届中央纪委六次全会上讲得明明白白,全党同志对反腐败斗争带来的正能量要有足够自信。这恰恰说明了,那些因反腐败而“意志消沉”的人,只会是一些搞了腐败或者想搞腐败的人,而真正经得起考验的好干部则会因反腐振奋精神。  反腐能够扭转不良政治生态,纠正选人用人“逆淘汰”现象,让良币驱逐劣币,即“腐败分子纷纷出局、好干部脱颖而出”。坚持开展反腐败斗争,不仅不会导致干部意志消沉,还会让真正德才兼备、遵规守纪、全心全意为人民服务的好干部感到有盼头、有奔头,进而有干头。  一些党员干部之所以持有“反腐败导致干部意志消沉”的荒谬观点,暴露的是其党性不纯,对当前党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争没有清醒的认识。奉劝这些人,与其质疑和不适应当前的反腐败工作新常态,不如扪心自问:自己真的达到了一个合格党员的标准了吗?相关的主题文章:

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