Jiangsu crabs exceed the standard enterprises involved the moratorium on the export of dioxin inspection – Sohu news daily economic news reporter Xu Jie intern reporter Wu Fan, now is the taste of crab season, but in November 1st the Hongkong food and Environmental Hygiene Department of food safety center (hereinafter referred to as the Hongkong Food Safety Center) in its official website released a "chowhound" may affect the mood of the crab the announcement. The notice said that in late September, Hongkong food safety center a total sample of 5 samples were detected. The results showed that two samples were detected the total content of dioxins and dioxin like PCBs exceed the standard, the remaining 3 samples with satisfactory results. For the protection of public health, decided to suspend the aquaculture production of crabs imported and sold in Hong kong. Hongkong food safety center announcement also said that a preliminary investigation found that someone’s food from Jiangsu province two aquaculture farms — Wujiang Wan Qing Taihu crab breeding Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Wujiang and Jiangsu Taihu million hectares) aquatic product Limited company (hereinafter referred to as Taihu fisheries). According to Xinhua news November 2nd, the relevant departments of Jiangsu province all the crabs on someone’s two enterprises are prohibited from entering the market, and the formation of a joint investigation team to investigate the origin of. Next we will be the first time through authoritative channels to publish the results of the test, and according to the results in accordance with the law to take relevant measures to properly handle." Jiangsu entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau official said. The latest progress on the matter, the "daily economic news" reporters call the Taihu fisheries, the staff said that the company was also yesterday (November 1st) received the news, responsible person has to go out to deal specifically with this issue, at present it has stopped selling crabs, all the shelves, such things out before you make a plan." The enterprises involved have been suspended for two samples of export inspection by the Hongkong food safety center found (hairy) exceed the standard of dioxin content: dioxins and dioxin like PCBs and total content of more than 6.5 per gram Peake TEQ (wet weight) levels were 11.7 and 40.3 Peake toxic equivalents. Jiangsu entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the propaganda department responsible person surnamed Wang told reporters, Hongkong food safety center before the official news release, is to inform them of the matter, they have to carry out the investigation for the first time, we have tested the involved batches of crabs, inspection to be qualified, had not happened similar events, but we are in the process of investigation, the results of the investigation, we will publish a message through the media." According to Xinhua News Agency November 2nd quoted the relevant departments in Jiangsu province responded that all involved two Crabs enterprises are prohibited from entering the market, and the formation of a joint investigation team to investigate the origin of. Xinhua News Agency reported that the two companies involved in Wujiang and Taihu for Hong Kong million hectares of aquatic crabs were 3.8 tons and 210 tons. Jiangsu entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau has been suspended immediately involved two enterprises export inspection, and will be held a joint meeting of the Jiangsu Marine Fisheries Bureau, Taihu lake, consisting of the joint inspection unit, investigation and traceability of the enterprises involved; the products and development of aquaculture water sampling survey work, and send samples the authority of inspection agencies inspection)相关的主题文章:

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