Jiangsu in 2016 introduced the retiree basic pension adjustment plan released in Jiangsu in 2016 introduced the retiree basic pension adjustment plan issued source: Jiangsu Provincial Department of human resources and social   by the Jiangsu provincial government agreed and approved the newspaper agency and the Ministry of finance, Jiangsu Province, 2016 retirees basic pension adjustment program formally introduced. According to the unified deployment of the state, this year, Jiangsu enterprises retirees and organs and institutions retirees basic pension adjustment synchronization. Subject to adjustment in Jiangsu province to participate in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, staff at institutions of basic old-age insurance and in December 31, 2015 for retirement or personnel receive periodic cost of living formalities, adjust the time from January 1, 2016 onwards, the adjustment will be put in place before the end of September. This year, the basic pension adjustment of retirees in Jiangsu is still composed of three parts: fixed amount, linked with the payment period and linked with basic pension. The unified standard of retirees in fixed enterprises and retired personnel in institutions and institutions is increased by 45 yuan per person per month. This will ensure the adjustment of retirees with low basic pension levels. And I linked the payment period for retirees of enterprises and institutions retirees also adopt a uniform standard, the payment period for each full 1 years increased by 2.4 yuan per month, less than 36 yuan by 36 yuan issued. I and the hook part of the basic pension for enterprise retirees, linked with the institutions of retirees are slightly different. The 2.3% hook unified enterprise retirees to adjust the basic pension from the previous month, which is consistent with previous years; the proportion of monthly basic pension linked institutions of retirees and I before adjustment for 1.8%, there is a part of the province and the staff in the same basic pension per capita hook. In accordance with the adjustment plan this year, the overall level of adjustment for the unified regulations of the state enterprises and institutions of all retirees basic pension per month 6.5%, among them, the enterprise retiree basic pension per capita adjusted rate of more than 7% institutions, retirees basic pension per capita adjustment will be controlled within 5.5%, which is conducive to narrowing the gap between the relative two kinds of people in the level of the basic pension. In accordance with the unified requirements of the country, this year, Jiangsu continued to increase pensions for retirees over the age of 70. For the 2015 year before the end of 70 years of age less than 75 years of age, 75 years of age less than 80 years of age and retirees over the age of 80, in the general tone basis, per person per month for each additional 30 yuan, 40 yuan and 50 yuan for the year before the end of 2015; over 70 years of age less than 75 years of age, 75 years of age less than 80 years of age and at the age of retirement and receive periodic cost of living persons over the age of 80, in addition to the general adjustment, each additional 20 yuan per person per month, 30 yuan and 40 yuan. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion 江苏出台2016年退休人员基本养老金调整方案发布   江苏出台2016年退休人员基本养老金调整方案发布   来源:江苏省人社厅    经江苏省政府同意并报人社部、财政部批准,江苏省2016年退休人员基本养老金调整方案正式出台。   根据国家统一部署,今年江苏省企业退休人员和机关事业单位退休人员基本养老金实施同步调整。调整对象为参加江苏省企业职工基本养老保险、机关事业单位工作人员基本养老保险并在2015年12月31日前办理了退休、退职或领取定期生活费手续的人员,调整时间从2016年1月1日起执行,调整工作将在9月底前落实到位。   今年江苏省退休人员基本养老金普调仍由固定额、与缴费年限挂钩和与本人基本养老金挂钩三部分组成。固定额部分企业退休人员和机关事业单位退休人员统一标准,每人每月增加45元。这部分将使得基本养老金水平偏低的退休人员的调整数额能得到一定保证。与本人缴费年限挂钩部分企业退休人员和机关事业单位退休人员也采取统一标准,缴费年限每满1年每月增加2.4元,不足36元的按36元发给。与本人基本养老金挂钩部分,企业退休人员与机关事业单位退休人员的挂钩办法略有不同。企业退休人员统一按本人调整前月基本养老金的2.3%挂钩,这与往年的做法一致;机关事业单位退休人员与本人调整前的月基本养老金挂钩比例为1.8%,还有一部分与全省同类人员人均基本养老金挂钩。按照今年的调整方案,总体调整水平为国家统一规定的企业和机关事业单位全部退休人员月人均基本养老金的6.5%,其中,全省企业退休人员人均基本养老金调整幅度将超过7%,机关事业退休人员人均基本养老金调整幅度将控制在5.5%,这有利于缩小两类人群基本养老金水平的相对差距。按照国家统一要求,今年江苏省继续对70岁以上的退休人员适当增发养老金。对于2015年底前年满70周岁不足75周岁、年满75周岁不足80周岁以及年满80周岁以上的退休人员,在参加普调基础上,每人每月分别增发30元、40元和50元;对于2015年底前年满70周岁不足75周岁、年满75周岁不足80周岁以及年满80周岁以上的退职及领取定期生活费人员,除了参加普调,每人每月分别增发20元、30元和40元。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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