Jinhua, a small nose often pulling nose hair lead to erosion nose loading… September 22nd at 7 pm, a man wearing a mask walked into the emergency room of Jinhua Yiwu Chouzhou hospital, see a doctor immediately after taking off the mask, "doctor, help me, my nose pain can not stand fast." The nostrils are rotten, you see, even the upper lip skin swelling here would have come to the hospital." Doctor, director of Otolaryngology doctor Guo Zhengji followed by a careful examination of the guy’s nose before the nasal cavity, asked whether long-term exposure to dust or often nose picking. The guy froze for a moment, he usually is digging nostril pulling nose hair habit, think of pulling nose hair does not matter, no bleeding, swelling, and so often by hand pulling nose to nose, a little pain, rub some alcohol. Guy said that in recent days, his nose itchy uncomfortable, but did not dare to scratch, and wash their faces when they do not dare to touch the nose, because a touch of tingling. It is understood that the man surnamed Wu, a native of Yiwu, 28 years old this year. The guy said, he had many men used to do this action, often put your finger in the nose hair pulling, but they also do not know what this action will bring much harm to the nose. This is a very bad habit, if you do not pay attention sooner or later to be a problem." Dr. Guo said, digging a nostril pulling nose hair lead to nasal vestibule, there is a great number of patients, and mostly young people. "Pulling nose hair, nose pores are susceptible to bacterial invasion, prone to infection, inflammation." Guo introduced that the nasal cavity is the door of the respiratory tract, the body and the outside world for gas exchange channels. On the growth of nasal mucosa cilia, located in the frontier, such as respiratory gate guards, charged with blocking dust, bacteria enter the body with the breath of the mission. It is equal to the hair removed the door guarded by sentinels respiratory tract, dust, bacteria can smoothly into the human body, causing human illness. Pull on the nose at the same time, the growth of vibrissa mucosal damage. This not only affects the mucous membrane mucus secretion and immunoglobulin A function, but also conducive to bacteria into the injured nasal mucosa, causing inflammation of the nasal mucosa. "The result is pulling nose hair nasal defenses weaken the ability of disease, pulling nose hair, cut hair, nose is harmful." "The danger triangle area between the nose and upper lip, inside the cavernous sinus cranial vein, can cause intracranial infection in case of infection, the consequences are very serious, there will be meningitis." Guo doctors advise young people to maintain nasal tidy and beautiful appearance, can be properly trimming hair, but not too short, but can not directly hand pulling hair, so as to avoid the adverse consequences of nasal cavity and paranasal sinus lesions.相关的主题文章:

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